Southpaws Rejoice, Today is Your Day!

Yep. August 13th is International Left-Handers Day! Stand and be counted! (You too, Unca Cece!)

rasing my left hand
ME! Here. Present and accounted for, portsider…

Now thats funny cause I just came downstairs to do a search for a left handed laddle. I really get tired of ones with the spout on the “wrong” side…

Congratulations, lefties (one of which I married)!

I wanted to get into the spirit of this and make a card for you all, but I just couldn’t get the hang of those damn green-handled scissors.

Raises left hand. Here I am! Oh and just cause here’s a list of famous southpaws!

Raises left hand, as well.

Let us rejoice in our right-mindedness, but temper our joy with the knowledge that we are still vanquished to having notebook spiral indentations on our hands, turning the measuring cup around to see the non-metric side, using things awkwardly, right-handed (the insufferable indignity!) or not at all because the manufacturers of the world consider us second class citizens unworthy of consideration in the design of everyday products. But someday, somehow, some way, justice will be done, and it will be the right-handed devils that suffer from shorter life expectancy and painful scissors.

I typed this with my left hand! Woohoo!


Raises left hand.

All those years of cutting jaggedy edges with poorly-designed scissors, awkward hand-shaking encounters and getting an ink-smeared hand from writing in notebooks shall not be in vain.

We have our own day.

And it shall be well and truly celebrated here, since both Papa Tigs and I are both correct-handed!

But… but we have our own day.

Lefty here.

Funny thing, but the prevalence of the right-handed world caused me to adapt at a very young age except when it comes to writing. I write with my left. Always have, always will – despite attempts to “correct” this behaviour when I was little. (Didn’t work worth a damn, and screw 'em for trying.) I use scissors with my right though. And mice, of course. But that doesn’t change my status as lifelong southpaw.

Us lefty’s are the largest unorganized minority in the world. Just wait to we start up with the meetings…finally, scissors that we can use! Mwahahaha!!

In my right mind and proud of it!

“…as many lefties might point out, being left-handed can also offer intellectual prowess. Tests conducted by Alan Searleman from St Lawrence University in New York found there were more left-handed people with IQs over 140 than right-handed people. Famous left-handed thinkers in history from Albert Einstein to Isaac Newton to Benjamin Franklin seem to underline the point.”

One of my old girlfriends was left handed.

The sign on her desk read:

Hire the left-handed. It’s fun to watch them write.

You know…I didn’t even realize that I was left-handed before reading this thread. :smack:

Reading Octave9s post makes it suddenly all too clear how discriminated against we have been at the Dope.


With the right hand! Shameful.

Lefties, unite!

Wait, no… you need to be on this side of the table so that our elbows don’t bump. No, no… I can’t be on that side of my arm will hit the wall. :frowning:

Left on, brothers and sisters!

::Raises left fist::

Yay, I squeaked in under the wire! ::gesticulates with her left-handed fabric scissors::
Hurrah for starting out on the opposite foot from everyone else when we dance!