Spaghetti = Stuffed

It hurts real bad…but it feels so good.

Oh, yes. Spaghetti makes for the BEST full feeling.

Did you read my Taco Bell dilemma from last week? Ugh.


Nah, Gnocchi is better at stuffing oneself with.

TGIFriday’s has this new dish, Chicken Chardonnay, which tastes heavenly. After 4 months of dining hall food, that was bliss.

Concrete said: “It hurts real bad…but it feels so good.”

Oi vey – if I told you once I told you a hundred times: STOP SHOVING SPAGHETTI NOODLES UP THROUGH YOUR NOSTRILS!

Yes, the proper way to lodge noodles in the nostrils is to snarf them out involuntarily after a particularly funny post