Spalding Gray

From hearing his monologues, I feel like I knew this guy. Since he disappeared (with the suggestion of possibly a suicide - jumping off the ferry), I have not heard any updates on the news. Has anyone else heard anything?

We’ve been posting regular update and article links on this thread.

Nothing yet. But I fear he’s under the East River. In this cold weather, bodies sink and don’t tend to resurface till spring (which is what happened last year when four schoolboys’ boat sank). Can’t imagine suicide by drowning, that has to be the worst way to go.

He had $120 cash when he left and no credit cards, so if he’s still alive he’s either homeless or holed up with somebody who’s sworn to secrecy, and Occam’s Razor would imply he’s not. He’s attempted suicide several times in the past. Damned shame. I understand clinical depression, but damn him still for what he’s done to his wife and kids.