Hey Foggy - you seem like a good sort...

It’s hard to tell for sure but you’re maybe from Rhode Island and more recently San Francisco. Sail much?

Anyway, …why not stick around and continue to contribute some more good threads.


Depression is a weird son of a bitch, especially for those who do not suffer from it. Although I believe that we all have it, just maybe not in the same degrees as others.

Hopefully Foggy, sees some value of this place in a therapeutic way.

Link in the OP is invalid - probably an expired search. What’s goin’ on?

If you search on Foggy’s username, he’s posted in a couple of recent threads that he’s been feeling suicidal.

And in one of those threads, TubaDiva threatens to give him a “sabbatical”. (I assume means suspending him?) Right. All’s we need to do is tell a sad guy to go away and STFU for a while. So compassionate.

People who are threatening suicide aren’t really well suited for anonymous message board chatter.

No, offered to put him on sabbatical, which is something he’s chosen to do in the past when things get to feel too much for him. In fact, he’s chosen to do so again, so I’m going to lock this thread.

And, Senegoid, I recommend not making nasty attacks on people (staff or otherwise) when you don’t know the full story.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator