Why was Foggy's thread closed?

This one here

It was locked the day it was opened.

Just wondering. And wondering why there was no explanation.

I’ll bet it was this line.

And yet:

I also wondered why it was closed without explanation. The message seemed to be “Go ahead, kill yourself, just don’t bother us about it.”

Foggy has previously been on sabbatical and was allowed to return on the provision that he not discuss suicide or his issues with depression (which he frequently has in the past). While he said he was not suicidal at the moment he said he might consider it in the future.

Because suicide is a very sensitive issue, we would prefer not to discuss this publicly. I’m going to close this. If you want more details, feel free to PM me.

It was closed while we were discussing it in the mod loop. I believe one of the other mods has contacted Foggy privately. Moving it out of sight was pending, which I have now done.

In general, if you are curious about the reason why a thread was closed or removed, the policy is to contact a mod privately rather than open an ATMB thread.