Spalding Gray

Searches take too long on this third world computer, so I’ll take a chance that this hasn’t already been asked and answered.

Will Spalding Gray’s last monolog, Interrupted Life, be published and/or was it filmed?

Doubt it was filmed. I’m hoping that his last few monologues get released. To my knowledge Slippery Slope was the last one released in print.

Was Spalding Gray a private, withdrawn type of guy? I’ve never heard any of his monologues. When he first went missing there was a lot of talk about him on the boards, and then I found an old This American Life that originally had one of his monologues when it first aired, but it isn’t available in the archived show, because Gray didn’t want it to be included.

It looks like his stuff is fairly easy to obtain (Amazon), but his monologue is one of the few things that I have run into that has been omitted from a TAL episode.