Spam from "This Is Spam"

I use Yahoo as my e-mail provider, and they claim to be able to filter spam better than hotmail, but apparently they can’t do a thing about these folks who use “This Is Spam” as their name and send anything from septic tank repair to debt consolidation to fake diplomas. It looks like these e-mails originate in Germany, because most carry a .de suffix as their e-mail address.

At the end there is an “unsubsribe me” option which they claim really really works, but it is only offered one time and it doesn’t seem to stop them, even after the 72 hour wait.

It would seem to me that Yahoo oughta be able to shut these blatant suckers down very easily, but after multiple requests I hava heard nothing.

Are any of you getting this stuff, and what are your thoughts?



Quasi, I just started getting the same spam this weekend. I assumed it was something Yahoo! was doing to flag spam candidates, but your explanation is better. Spammers must be taking advantage of a hole in Yahoo!'s logic. Searching around, I haven’t found any explanation. Hopefully they will patch it up soon.

On the other hand, I am glad I got the septic tank spam because I am going to need it once my new Russian bride arrives. And I will be able to afford it now that I have several new doctorate degress. :wink:

Never, ever, ever click the “unsubscribe me” link. If there were truth in spam laws, it would be called the “I-am-clicking-this-to-confirm-that-this-is-a-valid-and-active e-mail-address that you-should-go-ahead-and-sell-to-any-scumbag-who-has-a-nickle”

But then again, such honesty won’t get you a bigger cock, or a lower mortgage rate.