Spammed.... by my own father!

That’s right, folks, step right up and add your dumb family or dumb email tales here, right after this one.

[whiney voice on]My own father spammed me![/whiney voice off]
Not even allegedly useful spam, like a virus warning or a $50 gift certificate to Bath & Body, either. He sent me an email of a magic frog, of the sort that if you don’t send it out to 47 people in the next 10 minutes, you will be raped by wild goats and die, but if you do send it out to 47 people, your wish will come true but 47 people will hate you.

This is worse than being sent (christian) religious-themed emails from a Hindu fellow I went out with once. God, just make it stop!!!

“Here is a picture I drew for you… it is a decapitated angel” is my favorite comeback.

  (\         /)
  (  \      / )
   (  \    / )
    (  /<>\ )
     ( /\/\ )
      /    \        __
     (      ) (  )

Hoping she comes out properly…

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aw, fuck!!
lemme try that bitch again.
.(… /)
.( … / )
…( …/ )
…( /<>\ )
…( / / \ )
…/… \ …__
…( … )…( )
Drawing in ASCII…just not worth the trouble

Maybe his wish was to have 47 people hate him. Thats the only way its gonna come true!

Well 46. I’m sure missdavis is much too nice to hate daddy!


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My aunt sends that stuff all the time, along with obvious UL’s. My mother and I are forever sending her links to Snopes, but the crap just keeps on coming. Sigh.

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I used to send rebuttals and Snopes page links to relatives/friends who send me spam, but all that did was, instead of them sending the spam to everyone they know, they just send it to me with a line at the top that says “Is this true?” Like it’s too complicated for them to check Snopes for themselves (and maybe it is).

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