Spammers are Iguana-felching Assclowns: Part CXLIII

Denial of Service attacks on Anti-Spamming groups.

Basically some angry, syphilitic spider-shit for brains spammer got a script kiddie to write up a nasty virus to get even with people who don’t want their inboxes cluttered with “re: par1s h1lt0n sux huge black c0x 0|| tape!!!”

:mad: :rolleyes:

Bumping my own thread. How sad is this?

Yep. The only good thing about this is that it’s nice and illegal, and I can’t wait for the FBI to roll up the case to the top.

You give them too much credit.


What E-sabbath said as well.

Can’t we get the Cult of the Dead cow to destroy those spam guys?

“Iguana-felching Assclowns”

ROFL! I like it, I like it :smiley:

What do we have to do to get people to STOP CLICKING ON ATTACHMENTS FROM PEOPLE THEY DON’T KNOW?!?

I mean, wouldn’t that get rid of 95% of the viruses and trojan horses out there?

It would certainly stop them from infecting home PCs. As for web sites, I’m not sure how they spread from server to server. But they must show up in the logs and therfore be traceable to their source.

I hope they catch this bastard.

No. Most come from people they do know, who have them in their address books, who have been infected by emails from people they know, who had them in their address…

The ones that really need slapped over the head are those who buy stuff from spam. If it wasn’t for them spammers wouldn’t bother.