Spammers sue anti spam groups for "invasion of privacy"

Working definition of chutzpah


How dare those anti spammers prevent me from getting my Viagra spams.


Well boo-flipping-hoo! Those spamming shitheads should be relieved that all they’re having to deal with is invasion of privacy. If I had my way they’d all be thrown into a lake filled with piranhas :mad: Same to the shits who send virus-laden emails. Die! Die! :smiley:

SweetLucy, what did those poor piranhas ever do to you?

I think that laws against ‘street justice’ should be repealed for flagrant spammers. Let the email-receiving public be judge, jury and executioner.

If you want I can forward an e-mail I got today advertising some spam filter program. That’s what I call chutzpah.

But if we don’t receive spam then the terrorists have already won.

If letting the terrorists win ends spam, then maybe I’m on the wrong side.


Can’t resist any longer, this urge is IRRESISTABLE!
Drat those Vikings!

:: Ducks and Runs ::

Ok, done with being silly for now.

That is pretty assinine. I hope they end up losing the countersuits. Spammers are vile creatures.