Spandex weightlifting uniforms = Olympic-sized "Glamour Don't"!

Whoever decided that new spandex uniforms for the Olympic weighlifters was a fashion improvement was woefully mistaken. What works for a toned, leggy female springboard diver doesn’t necessarily work for a hairy, potbellied brute with a neck as thick as her waist. Please guys, go back to the baggy t-shirts. My eyes! My eyes!

Hmm…not sure about the oly clothes, but I know there are bench shirts and squat suits that can help a lifter pack extra pounds on the bar and still succeed. If something like that exists, fashion concerns become secondary.

Back? Olympic weightliofters have always worn tightfitting garb – not as shiny as Nylon/Spandex, but definitely tight. I remember Alexei Alexeyev (sp?), his huge belly straining against the restraint of his outfit…

They don’t wear them for fashion, but for function, as others have said. I’m pretty sure they know what they look like.