Spanglish in Spanish

I was flipping around the dial a few days ago and came across Spanglish on HBO-L where all the shows are in Spanish.

How is this movie possible in Spanish?

All the parts the main character speaks (normally) would be translated to Spanish then when he talks to the nanny he would suddenly break into broken Spanish. :confused:

I don’t see how the movie would work unless they change it to Spenglish and the nanny speaks English.

Can anybody straighten this out for me?

Or would it be that the nanny speaks Spanish normally and when she talks to Sandler she speaks broken Spanish?

She is learning to speak English but it’s translated back to Spanish. :confused:

Subtitles in…English?..Spanish?
These are the things I find to consume my thoughts… :smack:

Habla inglespagnol?

That’s probably how it works. It’s an adult movie, so the dubbing isn’t supposed to trick the audience into thinking that all the characters are supposed to really be speaking Spanish (unlike imported childrens shows like Pokemon). They wouldn’t have to translate the broken Spanish, because it’s supposed to be broken Spanish.