Spanish judge seeks Kissinger

And you thought the Pinochet case was interesting… I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

This is an interesting book which, among other things, covers this in detail.


Before anyone gets too excited (on either side), Kissinger is being called as a witness in an investigation of crimes allegedly committed by other people. He ain’t the target himself, at least not at this time.

So, IMO, this doesn’t reach Pinochet status.


I just wonder what the US would do if a (retired or active) US government official was subpoeaned in another country. I guess Kissinger could be declared in contempt if he refuses to cooperate?

At any rate, I know little about the man and less about his political past so I have no opinion but the book mentioned by hajario seems to contain some strong views.

I have read some articles by Kissinger and he seems pretty intelligent to me (although I do not understand how he has managed to keep that accent for so long).

He told a funny anecdote at a late night show (maybe Letterman). He was at a party and a lady came up to him and said: "Dr Kissinger, I have heard you are a fascinating man. . . fascinate me! "

I found him to be intelligent, articulate (in spite of the funny accent) and funny. OTOH, I have no idea what he was up to some years ago.

I’ve always thought he was one of the most evil men to come out of Europe in the Twentieth Century. And to think that even to this day, western mothers are calling their babies “Henry”. Disgusting.:smiley:

BTW, where IS Kissenger from?

I believe he’s from Germany.

I hope Henry FRIES!!!

Good lord, please forgive my ignorance but what could have the man possibly have done to desreve that title.

After a brief check on the Internet, I am now upto date on the little worm’s rap sheet.

Damn! I was so looking forward to coming back tonight to fill you in.

Ahh Kissinger, I hope he dies from some nasty disease. I don’t think he will ever face a court of justice you know the syaing “all humans are equall but there are some that are more equall than others”. He is one of those if some judge ever “pinochetizes him” U.S.A would nuke his garden

My point is that the man was a government official at the time and whatever he did were acts of the US government. How is it possible for another country to judge this and what would the US government do if they tried?

Milosevic and Mullah Omar were officials of their respective governments too and yet the State department still chased them relentlessly, and with good reason. However, the same State department has foiled every attempt made by others to even question Kissinger. A permanent International Warcrimes Tribunal would definitely have grounds for a trial but the US government, along with China and Russia, is violently opposed to such a body.

We’d see how violently if an IWC used the same methods to get Kissinger as the US used to get the other two.

From a link and quote from the OP in this thread

Now wouldn’t that make the world VERY INTERESTING :rolleyes:

But he’s got nicer legs than Hitler, and bigger tits than Cher.

Well, it seems the UK has denied the request so it moot for now but I guess some day, sooner or later, the issue will come up again and I wonder how the US would react to seeing one of its officials brought to trial in another country.

Well if they’re taking any cues from Kissinger, I’d imagine they’d start with high-altitude bombardment of the Netherlands and the surrounding areas, taking out key military and communications installations, carpet bombing Belgium and Luxembourg on the sly (‘just in case’), before bringing in 200,000 ‘military advisers’ to remain in the Netherlands propping up an anti-EU puppet regime, being picked off by plucky Dutch guerillas in firefights among the tulips and windmills for the next seven years while enjoying the local narcotic fare and sex shows, before a disastrous and embarrassing withdrawal and airlift out of Maastricht.