Spanish translation: Cacotas

I’m watching Robert Rodriguez’s Bedhead, and one of the props is a box of ‘Little Dog’s Big Cacotas Cereal’. I tried babelfish, but it couldn’t translate ‘cacotas’. What are cacotas?

Poop, particularly dog poop.

It’s slang for “big poops”; caca “shit” + -ota, an ending that means “a big one (of something).”

It’s not the kind of word that Babelfish knows.

Right. Babelsfish doesn’t know shit.

Second Colibri. Short answer. “Cacotas” = “Big Shits”.

“Little Dog’s Big Shits” :smiley:

I consider my money for this year’s subscription to the SDMB to be officially “Well Worth It” as of this post. Everything else for the rest of the year is now gravy… :smiley:

The reverse translation via Google is interesting.

Would small ones be cacitos?


In order to futher human knowledge…it would be “caquita” or its plural form “caquitas.” :smiley:

Just to elaborate, if you write “cacitos” the second “c” is pronounced as an “s” and so to avoid such, you must change it to “qu”. That, plus the gender.