Spank the Monkey!

C’mon. You know you want to.

355 mph, baby!

…problem is, I don’t think it can go higher than that :(.

I wanna break the sound barrier with that goofy looking primate.

Damn game made me spill my beer. :frowning:

And I could only get 328 MPH.

Poo. I can’t get above 350 MPH.


hmmm…does that mean I’m good at spanking the monkey? Is that something I want to admit in public?

Don’t worry akennett, everyone does it.

I managed over 400 at school, actually. Must be a limit to how fast my optical mouse will track :(. Oh well.

There ya go! Cranked up the mouse speed and now I’m hitting 508! Ka-ching!

ooh! I got 362 on my 3rd try!

Speed’s okay, but I prefer to spank my monkey slooooooooow.

Slowest I can get it is 53 mph.
How slow can you spank it?

Gotcha beat, Happy! 51 MPH.


I like it slow, then fast, then slow again…

I got 845. Seriously. It plays Rapper’s Delight.

Screenshot? :dubious:

I can only get around 230 to 240 even without my mousepad. Oh well.

I got up to 772 mph.

(Hint, set your mouse speed to its maximum.)

holy god, I just got 491 and I almost knocked my bowl of mac n’ cheese everywhere…wow…I’m proud…

Damnnn…always when you least expect it…

Anyone else break 8000 yet?

Still have no idea how I managed that.