Spare a thought for the Republicans

Remember all those Republicans who repudiated Trump? I bet Trump does.

I opened this thread expecting it would be about how the Republicans need to deliver on their promises now, or else face major defeats in 2020 (and maybe even 2018).

I’m not sure that’s true – most Trump voters are so dumb, they’ll keep believing in magic even as the magician keeps pulling exactly nothing out of his hat, day in and day out – but at least I thought that’s what this would be about.

The GOP saddled that tiger and they’d better be able to ride it.

It doesn’t matter that some of them repudiated Trump - they collectively spent years courting the angry mob and they don’t get to complain when it proves less pliable than they had hoped.

I will remember all the Republicans who claimed they repudiated Trump.

Well, that’s where we get into some nitty-gritty: how impatient are Trump voters? How many were voting more against Clinton, and are thus less inclined to accept BS from Trump? What effect will his policies have on his public image, especially for ill, in this case?