Speak to me only in Disney quotes

Look at the time. That’s an Earth expression meaning I want to leave now.

And when I wave I lose the time I save!

“What are we going to do?”

“What heroes always do: save the day!”

Mary Poppins was a real person? So it’s not the children she comes to save. It’s their father. It’s your father.

I’m the village crazy lady. It’s my job.

A dragon, a dragon,

ol’ Lampie saw a dragon!

He’s bleary eyed,

he’s ossified,

he’s tighter than a tick!

He had too much to drink today

so call a doctor quick!

Lots of people are scared when they come to see a doctor.

If your hair lies lifeless and limp, one good scare oughta do ya!
Come with me, now, don’t be a wimp!
One little scare ought to do ya some good.

Did I ever tell you I have a thing for brunettes?

Lips red as the rose. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow.

Now it’s no wonder that her name means “Beauty”
Her looks have got no parallel

But behind that fair facade
I’m afraid she’s rather odd
Very diff’rent from the rest of us
She’s nothing like the rest of us
Yes, diff’rent from the rest of us is Belle!

Weird, weird, weird.

A heffalump or woozel is mostly confoozle.

I do not understand jokes.

If ya’ ain’t gotta sense of humor, you’re better of dead!

Is this a joke?

Do you see anyone laughing?

I love to laugh

Loud and long and clear

I love to laugh

It’s getting worse every year

I love nature, when it’s not on fire.

Give me the power of man’s red flower!

Oh, I seriously doubt he’s gettin’ this kind of mileage.