Speak up and STOP the Mass Production

It is absolutely disgusting that lower economic and often uneducated Hispanics and non-Hispanics breed like rabbits.

Mothers with 5-14 children delivered bam-bam-bam-bam. The “Breeders” immediately go on welfare and the babies are subject to the same type of life.

WHY IN THE HELL DON’T THE BIG CELEBRITIES MAKE THIS AN ISSUE. WHY DON’T CATHOLICS come out and take a national stand against breeding to people who cannot afford to take care of baby # one much less than baby # 5 or # 9?

The Catholics and Celebrities are all against AIDS and other great causes. But why don’t they come out BIG TIME to stop super-breeding by saying: YES WE ARE GOOD CATHOLICS BUT WE ARE AGAINST CONSTANT PROPAGATION OF THE SPECIES. CONTRACEPTION MUST BE USED!!! I do not apologize for yelling. And I can’t be kicked off my TV series for prejudicial statements. I would like to hear from you and blister my ass if you like but offer some serious thought to my comments.

How is it when upper-income and/or educated Hispanics breed like rabbits?

  • Rick

skelton4947 wrote:

TV series?

I didn’t realize Homer had friends that could use the computer, too!

About getting kicked off my TV series: I meant that I do not have to worry about "resigning from my job for remarks I make that are things many of us think but don’t say.

To the above responses, An educated and a financially solvent person or persons generally limit the size of their family and can support them.

If the Pope and the catholic heirarchy would just say the word, the world would be so much better off.

SanibelMan: clue me in. Who is Homer? as you meant above?

Homer was the last poster to come here and rant about the evils inherent among our Hispanic citizens, particularly those who were not at the top of the financial pyramid.

Rather than demanding that they not “breed,” why don’t you do something to raise their income? That way, they will follow the course you, yourself, have noted, and restrict their reproduction, themselves.


Hispanics and Non-Hispanics? Wouldn’t that mean, umm, everybody? I’m wondering why you choose to specifically name Hispanics in your OP?
BTW, while we’re on the topic of uneducated people popping kids out, how many do YOU have?

If your head is wax, don’t walk in the sun.
-Benjamin Franklin

Just to clarify: the key distinction is welfare? You don’t object to a Hispanic family with twelve kids, as long as they’re not on welfare?

  • Rick Muñoz

My question is: Are these families desirous of having large numbers of children or do they have a large family because many feel they do not have the option of birth control(if they are good catholics).

In California, approximately 40% of all deliveries are from Hispanics. Countless numbers of these truly wonderful women have told me that they refuse to consider sterilization and of course contraception because it is against the Catholic doctrine. I’m not forgiving all others who refuse contraception and/or sterilization.


I bet your TV show is really boring and stupid, too.

“The other night, I was laying in my bed, looking up at the stars, when I wondered… ‘Where the fuck is my roof?!’”

Skeleton 4947 may be bringing up “hispanics” because most of the countries in the Western Hemisphere (other than the U.S. and Canada) are: (A) populated primarily by hispanics; and (B) predominantly Catholic, and the Catholic Church is still officially anti-contraception.

Then again, Skelton4947 may just be bringing up “hispanics” because he’s a big poopy head.

The truth, as always, is more complicated than that.

I am still having a little trouble following your complaint.

Is it welfare that bothers you? Or Hispanics having children because they feel they have no choice, in view of Catholic prohibitions against sterilization and contraception? Or anyone having children because they don’t wish to use contraception or be sterilized?

What is the significance of the purported 40% of deliveries in California being from Hispanics?

I would be happy to address your concerns, if only I could figure them out.

  • Rick

Don’t go to Mexico - you’ll hate it: I hear 99.99% of their deliveries are hispanics.

Hell is Other People.

Bricker: In a moment, I’ll try again.

Triskadecamus and Psycat 90: I’m going to nominate you both as posters of the year. Your responses to a serious question deserve the nomination.

Bricker, You are I gather from the East and I can understand why so many people as yourself have difficulty comprehending what I am trying to say. Here in California, we have literally millions of illegal Hispanics living in this state. Most of them are hard-working and good people. But they will do anything to deliver a baby in Cal because that baby becomes an American citizen. Thats not the question.

The problem is that most of them cannot afford medical care for themselves and for their offspring. The people of Cal are forced to pay for their education and health whether they are illegals or not.

As long as the Catholic religion dictates that no contraception can be used, so many of these women, as religious as they are, continue to pump out babies whether they really want them or not. Our natural resources are being consumed at an alarming rate. Education for all the “additional students” suffers. This is the point I am trying to make. I point out Hispanics not because I think less of them than anyone else but because as someone said above, they deliver 40% of all babies born in Cal and their pro-rata numbers are far less.

Bricker: How would you feel as a taxpayor if this became the problem in your state no matter what the nationality or the ethnicity of the people involved? This question is posed to all other interested members as well.

Off the topic but about the title: why would the Catholic Church want to stop Mass production? Isn’t the Mass what Catholics celebrate?

Hmmm. Skelton, I notice you didn’t answer Psycat’s question, you just gave a sarcastic non-response. Since I was going to make the same point before I saw her message, I’ll make it again anyway.

You said:

Since you mention both “Hispanics” and “non-Hispanics,” why did you bother at all? That data set includes everybody. So why bring it up? And why not answer Psycat when she asked you?

(Hmmm. It occurs to me that I don’t really know if Psycat is a he or she. Oh well.)

David- I’m a she. Better yet, I’m a Hispanic she. And Catholic, to boot.

If your head is wax, don’t walk in the sun.
-Benjamin Franklin

I remember some years ago, as the Soviet Union was breaking apart, that some Russian offical, during a Q&A session mentioned that the former Central Asian republics had a lot of problems in their future if they didn’t address the problems of low education and high birth rate.

Or is that an Hispanic? Hmmm, never was very good at that…But you know us Hispanics, uneducated and all.


If your head is wax, don’t walk in the sun.
-Benjamin Franklin