Speaker Cable question

Sorry of this isn’t quite the right board for this…

The stock speakers on my new flat screen are not so good so I purchased a relatively cheap 2.1 speaker system to hook up to it. The problem is the speakers only jack is a 3.5 wire and the only audio output on the TV is the standard Left Right Red and White wires.

The wire could plug into a headphone jack but the TV doesn’t have one. The only 3.5 audio jack it has is an input.

My question is does anyone know if they make a 3.5 to Right Left adapter? I have searched online but so far no luck. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

Is this what you’re looking for?


That was close. What I needed was that adapter but with the single sided end female instead of male. I finally did find what I was looking for on Amazon.com.

Thanks for trying to help though. if the mods want to close this thread they can.

I’d’ve moved it to IMHO as a better source of tech advice, but since you found what you needed, I’ll just close it.