Speaker Ryan, Part II

Earlier thread on Ryan’s speakership.

First of all, I like the beard.

Secondly, I’m honestly a little surprised at how easily he seemed to get a compromise budget through (assuming it doesn’t all collapse at the last minute.) Honestly, he’s done a better job so far than I would have anticipated, though that’s a fairly low bar.

However, thirdly, even though he was able to cobble together a majority to pass this budget, largely by completely ignoring the Hastert rule, it seems the right-wing media is starting to lose its collective shit. This Salon article documents the reactions of Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh, and the Washington Times.

I think the observation that Trump is basically the candidate to whom angry right-wingers are attaching their inchoate rage is insightful, and if true, we’ll probably see this budget deal improve his poll numbers. Cruz may see an opportunity to grandstand against this when it goes to the Senate. What I’m curious to see is how this impacts Congress - we’ve seen the extreme right-wing tighten its noose around the Republicans both through the threat of ‘being primaried’, as well as actual removal of ‘RINOs’ (Eric Cantor, eg) through the primary process. Will Republican supporters of this bill face repercussions in the upcoming election? I just can’t see the far right simmering down over this.

Which Salon article was that again?

Sorry, meant to link it. http://www.salon.com/2015/12/18/rush_limbaugh_and_conservatives_revolt_their_hatred_for_house_budget_deal_could_hand_donald_trump_nomination/

When it “goes to” the Senate? It has already passed 65-33.

I think the ease with which this passed probably just the sense of self preservation that says don’t shoot the guy who is throwing you a life preserver. Ryan was the only possible candidate to replace Boehner and he took it on the promise that his caucus would be willing to work with him. If they stirred up shit and make it impossible to do the job as speaker they realize he could walk and they would be screwed.

Even those Republicans concerned about getting primaried have to have enough sense to realize that navigating a government shutdown without a speaker, combined with the Circus that is the Republican presidential primary, is going to make the Republican party look completely incompetent in an election year and so Is not going to improve the likelihood of an incumbent Republican congressman returning for another term.

By getting rid of Boehner they bought themselves some good will, which will let them catch a breath before they line up the circular firing squad again.

Basically they are letting him do what needs to be done to get unfinished business taken care of so that the coming election year isn’t trench warfare. The idea is that if the Republicans win it all, they can do whatever they want.

Of course, the nature of politics is that if they win it all, they’ll prioritize keeping it all over actually doing anything useful.

Paul Ryans wife is a rich lobbyist. One of the only things that the left and right agree on is that lobbyists are dirt. Paul Ryan is a super sellout move. Im stunned and saddened.

What would you have preferred to have happened?