Spec Ops: The Line Menu Bug (Help!)

Hey guys! I’ve got a weird bug for Spec Ops: The Line that seriously impairs my ability to play the game. System specs at the end of this post. The bug is:

On the main screen, I can use the arrow keys to move up and down between menu choices. I can’t use the mouse to click on options, but maybe that’s how they designed it. To select one of the choices, “enter” doesn’t work… I have to use shift+enter.

Selecting any choice besides New Game (or Continue Game) takes me to a sub-menu where I cannot navigate at all. The arrow keys no longer function, and I still can’t use the mouse to click on any options.

This is an issue, because I’d like to turn the graphics quality down slightly for smoother game play, but I can’t navigate to the video options. Anybody have any help? I’ve tried googling the issue, but I can’t turn up any sign that anybody else has ever had this issue.

System Info:
MacBook Pro (retina screen edition)
OS 10.8.5
Running through Steam
Verified files from the Steam menu

Discovered a new bug where after the cutscene in the hotel, I now have no audio. Apparently this at least is a known issue, where the game defaults to HDMI out for sound. If I can reset this in the menus, I’d never know, because I can’t navigate the menus due to bug #1 described up above.

I’m thinking this might just not be the game for me. :smiley: