Special Thanks to the Dallas Dopers

Zyada, Grace and her friend Hootee, Chef Troy and his lovely wife have made my birthday a special event. It wasn’t a gathering that lends itself to much of a blow-by-blow type of summary.

We laughed a lot, told some stories, had fun with a little kid at the next table (who didn’t seem to be scared of a bunch of loud strangers). Zyada had to inject one more male bashing joke, but that’s ok.

I just want to say that this is a great group we have here in the Dallas area. I posted a thread on Wednesday asking for people to join me for dinner and on Saturday, six of us enjoyed a nice dinner together. It feels great to find people so willing to share a special day with me on such short notice.

A few notables I need to mention. [ul][li]If you kiss Zyada right before a picture is being taken, she can give a you a very harsh look. I don’t think it was serious though since she did snuggle up close for the next picture.[]Grace gives wonderful birthday kisses[]Chef has plenty of stories for any gathering.[/ul][/li]I had a very good time and can’t wait till the next chance we have to get together. I’ll have another birthday if necessary. At my age, an extra one here or there doesn’t make much difference.

Thanks again to all for the birthday wishes.


Hey, Jim, we had a hell of a time too. Mrs. Chef said as much while we were racing back to pick up Chef Jr. from Parent’s Survival Night (we made it with two minutes to spare… gotta love the new Central Expressway).

It’s fun to get together in restaurants, but expensive. (say, didn’t you say you were buying? what happened to that? ;)) Maybe sometime Mrs. Chef and I can have everyone over to the house instead for some genuine Chef Troy cuisine. (You also could finally meet Chef Jr.!)

Chef, glad you got back to pick up Chef Jr. before they left him on the sidewalk.

You didn’t really go for that “I’ll buy” line did you. Next time just put your bill in with mine, I’ll never notice.

Looking forward to next time.


JimB - the kind of kiss you were going for, people would have been asking me when the wedding was! I had a great time - this is a great group of people.

I had a wonderful time last night. The food was delicious and I had plenty left for lunch today. I always have a great time when I visit with the Dallas Dopers.