Speed-Dating Question

So, how soon after the speed-dating event is “too soon” for asking someone out?

On Wednesday night, I went to my first speed-dating session. This morning (which was earlier than I thought) I got the link in my inbox enabling me to contact other attendees. Nobody has sent anything to me yet. One can also select “matches,” and then one will be notified if at any point you have a mutual match. This company mentions, however, that one should not hesitate to send messages, since not everybody bothers with selecting matches.

There’s someone in particular I found very appealing, but I’m not sure what I should do at this point. I don’t understand dating very well, and I know that I don’t want to seem desperate, or puppy-like, or whatever. Also, I cannot wait too long, as the link is only active for ten days.

So what is the proper etiquette here?

I don’t know anything about speed dating in particular, but in normal-world terms–

A guy who plays waiting games seems way more desperate/lame than a guy who communicates in a normal time frame. Contacting someone in a day or so is fine as long as you don’t come on too strong.

I’d suggest sending a simple “Hi, it was fun talking to you last night” or something similar. If she responds positively, then you can move ahead to asking her out, then or after another email or two. Keep things light and brief. If you’re genuinely interested, don’t wait too long to ask to meet up. You’ve already met, after all.

That’s exactly what I would suggest for two reasons
1)If you don’t someone else will (or already has).
2)If you don’t she’ll just assume you weren’t interested. So either it clicked for her as well and she’s sitting at home wondering if she should email you (but he hasn’t emailed me so he’s probably not interested) OR she’s doesn’t even remember you (no offense, but how many girls didn’t really make an impression on you)…the sooner you send the email the more likely that it is that she’ll remember you.

Just send it now…“Hi, it was fun talking to you last night, would you be interested in meeting some time for a ‘real’ date” or something along those lines. Maybe add one or two more sentences and finish it off with you name and phone number.