"Speed Racer" Question

Am I the only one following the all-new exploits of Speed Racer in the newspaper comics? His strip appears in The NY Post. Don’t know about other areas of the country. Jeez, so far he’s travelled back to caveman days and right now he’s 1,000 years in the future.

Theme Song Scroll down a little on the left and click listen to theme song.

This is the first time I’ve heard of a Speed Racer comic.
It would definately be an improvement over the Rugrats strip that appears Sundays in the Washington Post!

Thanks for the link!! :smiley:

I know the SR is a book comic, but I didn’t know there was a daily strip.
No thanks, I stick to the old cartoons.

I don’t particularly care for it, myself. But then, I miss three or four days a week out of sheer laze-assedness.

racinchikki, who has stolen mech’s computer for an hour.