Spelling mistakes that improve upon the original word.

I once got a brochure in my door that promised a ‘revolunatory’ new car wash system. I’ve since been fond of the world.

That must have been one impressive car wash to improv your outlook on the whole world!

:smack: I like improv though.


Well, there’s the infamous “cat fud.”

I think the use of “teh” is pretty handy. It’s a good way to slight something in print, and adds a little bit of extra oomph to insults.

“I think you’re kind of crazy”
“I think you have teh crazy”

Much better.

I seem to remember someone posting about cleaning their gnu.

Not exactly the same thing, but Michael Stipe of R.E.M. wrote the lyric “What do you do between the hours of the day?” (for the song “I Believe”). Someone in the studio mis-heard the lyric as “What do you do between the horns of the day?” and complimented Stipe on the turn of phrase. Stipe liked the misheard lyric so much better than his own original that he adopted it and recorded it that way.

Earlier today, someone used the word evoloved.

Well, if it’s a trait that makes one gender hotter to the other, then I think that makes perfect sense.

The Washington Post holds a contest where people submit one-letter changes to words (additions, deletions, or changes) to make a new word. I recall “Innoculatte” (to take coffee intravenously when running late). There were dozens of others.

Yes, here’s what I was looking for…


In the same vein, ‘pwn’ instead of own can be quite handy.

Hypocracy (noun): a government of hypocrites.