Sperm Count

Recently I had to get a sperm count done… Ends up the Doc said I was quite high, 176 Million, with a very low sluggish count, etc…

I must say I felt like I was a viking after hearing that… However, my question is… What’s the highest sperm count out there? Anyone beating me? I can’t find any results that are higher than mine? Please, burst my bubble before I call up the Guinness Book of Records…

Couple of years ago I tried to get into OHSU’s sperm donor program (turns out their not to keen on too many diabetics on one side). But I remember the gal there telling me that I as well had an extremely high sperm count. She didn’t tell me the exact number just that I was in the 170 million range.

I don’t think you’re looking at a world record. But I suggest doing what I did. Throw out all your condoms that are a little on the old side and all of those cheap ass Lifestyles. Unless of course you’re looking to be a dad.

Hey satanslayer - here’s some weirdness for ya - I may have been the girl who knocked you from the program. (don’t feel bad, only maybe 1 in 50 applicants make it.) I worked at that lab for a while when I first moved to Portland. (I wouldn’t have been who you talked to, though)

That aside. pablodio 45-90 million is average. I’ve seen everywhere for 0 to probably around 250 million, so yeah, you’re very high, but not the highest I’ve ever seen.

Bubble sufficiently burst?

had mine done last week. 2 million… no motility. all dead. FUCKERS. :mad:

Hey satanslawyer, are Lifestyle condoms really that cheap quality-wise? I thought studies show different condom brands to be pretty comparable.

I got tested last week in a general infertility screening.

I haven’t received the results yet because Mrs. Moto’s tests showed that she was already pregnant.

With twins.

Guess it’s plenty high enough, eh?

I’ve found they break a lot. I’ve never broken a Trojan, but those Lifestyles seem to suck in my opinion.

Oh, and my co-worker Brendan here agrees.

Smashed Ice Cream: Bubble just popped a second ago… Much appreciated : )


Well, someone’s sperm count is high enough. :smiley:

Pablo, Glad to burst your bubble.

At age 57, I had to get my sperm count done. It turned out to be 324 million, with mind blowing mobility and motility of near perfect levels. My doctor wanted to see if it could on on Guiness Book of World records, but I just did not want publicity.

He’s probably managed to come to terms with it in the eleven years since he started this thread.