I just heard on the news how there is something called “spice” and it is legal and can be purchased in smoke shops (18 and over)

It is supposed to be similar to marijuana.

Has anyone tried this stuff?

Haven’t tried it, but if it’s anything like any of the other herbal “substitutes,” it’s total BS. You may as well smoke oregano, or pencil shavings. If it got you high, it wouldn’t be legal.

I’ve tried it. I picked some up the last time I was on Arrakis. It’s sometimes called “melange.” It smells like bitter cinnamon:

Could you be thinking of Salvia (Divinorum (sp?))? It’s legal, it kinda looks like marijuana but the high is very different. The high from Salvia is closer to acid or DXM, but more intense and only lasts a few minutes.

No, I am familiar with salvia and would never try that. An acid trip is the last thing I need.

I’ve tried Spice and can say that despite my doubts going in, it did provide a high similar to cannabis. It’s not exactly the same, but I can say that my eyes did get red, I did get cottonmouth, and I felt mentally affected in a similar way to cannabis. Still, it tastes pretty gross and it wasn’t quite the full force of a strong strain of kind bud.

As far as legal highs go, this is by far the closest analogue to cannabis that I’ve tried.


I’ve tried all the spice products and they’re are pretty good and analagous to cannabis. However, if you want something truly comparable to a nice hit of grass, try ‘King BBB’ or ‘Pulse’ products. These things don’t taste too nice, but the high is similar in quality and duration to good weed.


This is quite wrong. There’s hardly a plant which doesn’t get you high if properly used; most of them don’t deliver a very good kick, however. Most mind-bending substances are perfectly legal, if not very desirable. In fact, we may be abou to hit an era of designer brain-bakers, which would be difficult if not impossible to outlaw.

You may be right but it’s beyond the point. The original poster is trying to get a marijuana high without smoking marijuana, which is a futile endeavor. From what I have read and experienced about “Spice” and all other similar products is that they are either total BS, give you a headache or make you sick, or may give you a mild buzz due to the fact that they have actually been laced with THC compounds, in which case the DEA will soon list it as a scheduled drug and you’ll be back on the street scoring dub sacks like you should have been doing in the first place if you wanted to get high.

So can I get it in the US?

And does it make you test positive for THC on drug tests?

Well since weed tastes terrible, what have I got to lose?

By the way, never heard of either of these. Do they sell them in head shops in the US?

I really couldn’t tell you. I’m Irish. St the moment these products are legal in Ireland but it looks likely that there will be restrictions or prohibitions in place by summer. These products would certaintly contravene the US analogous laws, but are probably available by mail order.

Nope they contain synthetic THC type substances

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You can get it here in Texas as “K2.” Its sort of like the differece between popcorn and schwag, but the other way.

I’m not sure which question you are answering nope to. Yes, it is legal, though there are states considering laws against it. No, you will not test positive for THC with it. It is not a cannabinoid. No drug test will mistake it for THC. It is a compound that acts on the cannabinoid receptors. It will get you high. It is at this point legal.

There are many similar compounds. Despite what smiling bandit says, as far as I know, this compound is not natural. It looks like a compound that they specifically add to the herbal mixture.

Like smiling bandit says, I suspect that when this compound becomes restricted, another will take it’s place. Cannabinoid receptor agonists are not exactly rare. We could very well be entering an age of designer drugs that develop too fast for enforcement to keep up with.