Legal Herbal Incense...Anyone Tried It?

One of my employees told me about purchasing this stuff called “Funky Monkey” from a local head shop and he claims that it gets you really high. Its some herbal blend that I ascertained has been sprayed or otherwise treated with chemical compounds that mimic the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, producing a high very similar to marijuana.

Upon some reading up, I’ve noticed that there are tons of brands of this stuff available not only in head shops, but also all over the web and at some convenience stores. Popular brands include K2 Summit, Spice, Dragon, etc, etc.

Anyone ever tried this stuff? What are its effects? What are the risks associated with using it? I ask because I also found out last night when mentioning it to my wife that my stepdaughter has admitted to trying it too. I know nothing about it other than from one personal testimony and from the internet.

Thanks in advance.

Nobody’s heard of this stuff?

In my experience it’s been more expensive and less (and even un)effective, compared to mary jane. Not worth it.

I should add I haven’t tried anything from the bigger brands like Spice etc that apparently work.

It’s not the same effect as marijuana, that much I know without a doubt.

It’s been banned in Tennessee so it’s no longer an issue, but my daughter and her boyfriend tried several varieties while it was legal.

While we’re on the topic, they also tried Hawaiian baby woodrose they got from the same head shop as the K2 and spice gold.

It was all fun and games until the vomiting commenced. After that her boyfriend started enjoying a slight buzz, then he felt dehydrated and paranoid but not so bad he didn’t enjoy himself. (Don’t ask; I tried not to think too hard on that one!) She never got past the vomiting. We spent a few hours one the phone while she cried and moaned and talked about how she kept seeing squirrels out the corner of her eye, then she passed out and slept for 13 or so hours. The next few days she was nauseated and shaky. It was not a good experience for her.

I tried a little spice gold but it didn’t do much other than make me feel dizzy and buzzy. Not like a good buzz, like there was a buzzing in my ears. Or in my brain. It was more like a Nyquil-plus-fever feeling than any buzz I’ve had from weed. Definitely nothing I’d ever want to try again.

I suppose its only a matter of time before the government makes this stuff illegal. From what I have been reading, its becoming popular with teenagers because its not illegal and because there aren’t always age restrictions placed on buying it.

I just can’t help but wonder what long-term effects of smoking this stuff does to a person. Its chemically treated herbs!

Whats also funny about this stuff is that its marketed as incense and labelled as “Not For Human Consumption”. I suppose that’s done to skirt any lawsuits that may arise from negative side effects of their use. And probably to bolster its case for staying legal. Kind of reminds me of the signs you see in head shops for their bongs and stuff. They aren’t “bongs” or “marijuana bowls”, they’re “tobacco water pipes” and whatnot. Funny.

Yikes, that doesn’t sound like anything I want to try. Anyone had a positive experience with this stuff?

I use MoJo on occasion and I love it. It’s very similar to marijuana with a little LSD feeling as well and hits you in minutes then lasts about 2 hours. It’s very strong while it lasts but when it’s done it’s done and you don’t feel any after effects. I’ve never vomited or felt even a little bit sick on it. I just recently got some more, actually. You can order it from the Herb Import Company in New Orleans (they have a website).

ETA: it’s a LOT easier to smoke than marijuana and for me it has a stronger effect.

Interesting…I don’t smoke much anymore but the wife does and this might be something she would want to try. I do wonder how much longer stuff like this will be legal though. It sounds like the states aren’t waiting around for the feds to act and are banning it on their own.

I would highly recommend Super Nova. It’s right on par with regular herb but with no paranoia (at least for me).

If you can bear George Lamb, he madea documentary for BBC3about legal highs which you might be able to find online. I saw it a few months back, but I believe the verdict was ‘bullshit.’

Maybe I’m just losing my sense of adventure as I age, but smoking potpourri sprayed with Chinese God-knows-what doesn’t really seem like a risk worth taking when the “real thing” is easy enough to come by.

That, and they outlawed the shit here almost immediately after I learned of its existence. (Banning substances with the least potential for recreational enjoyment being one of the few areas in which government leaps swiftly over any and all bureaucratic obstacles…)

But the “real thing” is illegal, and at least one provider of Naphthalen-1-yl-(1-pentylindol-3-yl)methanone has a beautifully professional web site.
Jay and Silent Bob cannot say the same.

We’ve had problems with it out here in VA.
The Navy has banned the use of “Spice” or similar substances, due to having so many problems with it (something on the likes of about one psych case a week due to usage of “spice” or similar products). Usually the diagnosis tends to be “Spice induced psychosis” or suicidal attempts/actions because of a feeling of intense nihilism or depersonalization. The major problem is because it’s so unregulated, we really don’t know what’s in that stuff, and though synthetic THC has been around, we’re seeing batches that have been laced with plenty of other things, such as PCP, other drugs, or just simple other chemicals- because the products are labeled “not for human consumption”- so it’s unregulated for the most part.

So yeah, it seems to give people a much harsher buzz than MJ, and it certainly has been causing a lot of psychiatric headaches. At least for the Navy. I don’t know if Army or Air Force has banned the substances yet, but the government certainly does know about the problems it’s causing, especially because of its easy availability, and the fact that it varies so much to figure out what’s in it.

It’s been banned in Louisiana as of last month, but the distributors have already come out with a new product that doesn’t contain the banned chemicals.

It’s completely banned in Mississippi as well. Our city banned it before the state did.

I wasn’t aware of that. One of the guys that was manufacturing and selling the stuff picked up and moved to Florida when Louisiana banned the stuff. I own a print shop and have been printing labels for the packaging for several manufacturers and these guys are making a fortune. The new labels have a “DOES NOT CONTAIN…” disclaimer for sales in Louisiana.

Oh, and to answer the OP, no I haven’t tried it. I’ve seen it and smelled it and what I saw looked a lot like marijuana (which I don’t smoke either), but smelled like potpourri. Just the thought of smoking something that smells like that makes me sick to my stomach.

I have smoked more types of JWH incense than anyone you will likely ever meet.

I have also made my own, although my results were craptacular because I went a bit overboard.

I’d be happy to answer any questions anyone has.

Does it show up on drug tests?

I don’t have any questions, but just knowing this bit of information answers several that I had.

I think some local teenager died after using it, so if its not already banned in Iowa I’m sure it soon will be.