Spider-man (1994 Fox toon) - missing episodes?

I have been re-recording the 1994 Fox Spider-Man cartoon (currently on Toon Disney).

I have noticed that two episodes - “Shriek of the Vulture” & “The Final Nightmare” - don’t seem to be in the rotation. All of the other 63 shows are. These two eps are the conclusion to the 14-part “Neogenic Nightmare” story arc.

Anybody have a clue why they aren’t included?

I’ll give this a spider-bump.

I’ll bump it for you, but I’m in the dark. Tried looking at the episode summaries, if they exist, at tv.com?

The eps exist. I have copies on some old battered VHS tapes. I was in the process of re-recording them when I realized they aren’t being shown (at least in the correct sequence). Toon Disney shows Spidey at 8pm and 10:30pm. Each showing is in a different part of the series.

I checked the schedule for the nexty couple of weeks and they jump from the Neogenic Nightmare pt 12 - “Ravages of Time” to the Sins of the Father arc, thus bypassing the aforementioned Vulture-based eps.

The TV.com episode guide has a comment that the reason it isn’t being shown is that it features the WTC. The series is set in New York, so you’d have to expect to the WTC from time to time.

Not in question. I meant if the summaries existed. And apparently, they do. :slight_smile: