The inevitable scene in the credits and Spider-man

So it is now expected to have a foreshadowing scene during the credits in superhero movies. Not a bad thing in my opinion. When done well it works great. Gets me excited for upcoming projects. Loved hearing about the Avengers in the Iron Man credits.

But the scene at the end of Spider-man just sucked.

I won’t spoiler box it because nothing happened. A shadowy figure talking and not saying anything of importance. No hint as to who the next villian is. Nothing to get excited about. Just a wasted scene. The only thing you get out of it is that there will be a sequel. As if we didn’t know that.

Don’t throw an extra scene in there just because you think its expected. Either give us something or just roll credits.

How well versed are you in Spider-man?

Would they have perhaps dropped a name, or a place or something like that that you might not have caught because you aren’t a Spidey nerd?

Also is there any chance they were foreshadowing a Venom that DOESN’T COMPLETELY SUCK!

I wondered if the big lightning storm in that scene wasn’t a hint. We haven’t had a big screen Electro yet, and he’s got some pretty cinematic powers.

Reasonably well versed. At least from my youth but not recently.

As Entertainment Weekly says: “As far as post-credits scenes go, Amazing wins points for pure non sequitur obscurity.”

Here is the article which explains the entire scene and then goes into speculation.

Well, it sort of foreshadowed that the next film would deal with Spidey’s dad. But they’d already pretty much hinted that to death in the actual film, so it was still pointless.

So yea, I agree it seemed more like they felt obligated to do a post-credit scene despite not having any good ideas of what to do in one.

In addition to being a meaningless add-on, I found it very annoying that all the stuff about Parker Senior came to nothing in this film. I didn’t need resolution, per se, but so much time was spent on it, it would have been nice to have some sort of something. Anything. But nada.Having said that, I thought it was a very enjoyable outing and a nice re-boot: different but the same.

So the thing I took away from that link was the link that they provided teasing a Venom movie.

Be still my beating heart.

From that article,

Wait, what? I don’t remember that at all! I thought the last scene we see of Peter’s parents were them driving away and Peter staring after them and then the scene dissolved to Andrew Garfield now as the teenage Peter. I remember having no idea what the deal was with Peter’s parents and what happened to them. What’s this about a plane crash?

He was looking at a newspaper article with the plane crash as a headline.

I also found it to be a little lame and half-hearted, but that article got me a little more excited about the possibilities.

But was a resolution. We can now be assured that Peter’s dad is not named Chekhov.

But rather wooden leg?

I met a man with a wooden leg named Checkov.

Really, what was the name of his other…::BLAM!::

I’m still surprised they haven’t touched Kingpin, he’s one of the villains I remember most from the '90s cartoon and I think he’d make an interesting villain. Maybe not a good LEAD villain (it’d be kind of hard to get CG slugfests with him), but somebody at least pulling the puppet strings of another villain.

He was in the Daredevil movie. And I could totally buy a CGI slugfest between Spiderman and this guy.

You can, but his whole point is that he’s mostly a behind the scenes man. He may get his hands dirty when he has to, and his body is made entirely of genetically enhanced muscle*, but he’s the Kingpin of crime and supercrime. He’s more a Lex Luthor style villain.

*Well, so he says. Obviously there’s something else in there.

Not a comic book geek at all here, but considering that *The Avengers *has already become the third highest grossing film of all time with close to one and a half billion fucking dollars box office(!), I find it difficult to believe that Sony isn’t going to cut a deal to get him into Avengers 2 somehow…

Just so long as ASM2 doesn’t have Pete’s folks show up as LMD’s. That would just be silly.
(if you don’t understand my post, you’re better off that way. don’t ask. you don’t want to know)

Based on the disappearing act, I suspect the shadowy figure turns out to be Mysterio. Rhys Ifans says it is the sequel’s villain and it’s not Norman Osborn/Green Goblin.