Spider Woman

Just want to say that I love your spider smilie thingies. :slight_smile:

Me too.

I’m inspired to make my own critter.**


**Is that a Bar Flyer, or what? (I guess, “what”. :frowning: )

I love her Spider thingies too. :smiley:
She went to bed early tonight, but I’ll tell her she has some admirers.

wipes coughed-up chocolate donut off her monitor

Thanks, y’all! And barflyer, that is a cute fly!


[Woowoo! Spider Woman has a new job; today’s the second day. It’s a temp job at the local university, and it’s going okay.]

Congrats, Spider Woman. You are my favorite arachnid.

         {{{{{{{**Spider Woman**}}}}}}}}


As a matter of fact, they’ve inspired me to try something:



That wasn’t it.

  **    D**

That was, but without the “code” bit. Oh well, anyway Spider-Woman, those spider-things always make me smile too.


For racinchikki:


It’s a chikkiboo (looks better in mIRC)

I like Spidey’s creative smileys too. :slight_smile:

You’re a pretty cool creepy crawler, SW.

imthjckaz and PuRpLe PrIdE are good folks, too.

Go Vikes! Bash the 'Boys on Turkey Day!

[yosemitesam]Them’s fightin’ words![/yosemitesam]

Seriously, tho, Spidey’s one of the coolest people I’ve had the privilege of meeting.

=^…^= =^…^= <----my two furballs :slight_smile: