Spiders adverse reaction to hedgeapples

AKA hedge balls

Its pretty much a yearly thing. Gathering a few hedge apples to put in the basement to keep the spiders away.
But does it help keep any other creepy crawler away?
What is it about hedge balls that spiders don’t like?

What are hedge apples?

If my guess is correct that they are some kind of plant gall, then they may very well be made by some kind of solitary wasp, the adult phase of which maybe likes to nosh spiders.

Alternatively, it might just be folklore and wishful thinking, or something like my elephant-repelling underpants (don’t scoff - can you see any elephants around here?)

Osage oranges

My grandmother swears by them, at any rate.

Also interesting.

Interesting padabe.

My aunt from minneapolis recently visited my mother from SE Iowa and mentioned markets selling hedge balls. She kidded that she could make a fortune,tongue in cheek, selling them in minnesota.
I think I’ll load up the old dodge and visit my relatives.:wink:

In the winter snow we often see partially eaten hedge apples that deer have found.

So OK I’m padding my post count.
Hedge makes a great fence post.
Its so hard you have a hard time driving a staple into one.
They also will last longer than any other wood and even metal posts.

I was always told that if you kept hedge apples in the garage, mice would stay away. Perhaps a spinoff from the spider story.