Spielberg's next movie

Years ago, after I saw The Lost World, I reached an epiphany.

Jurassic Park and The Lost World were a couple of Spielberg’s greatest successes (despite my negative opinion of the quality of the latter).

Other of Spielberg’s greatest successes have had the Nazis as villains: The Indiana Jones trilogy, Schindler’s List, etc.

Isn’t the natural conclusion that Spielberg’s masterpiece should be a movie where dinosaurs run around eating Nazis?

What ultimate movie would you like to see, by or starring what celebrity?

Uhhh, The Lost World came out in 1997. That is hardly years ago. I’m not sure what SS has been working on, but he has been linked to The Minority Report. It is based on a PK Dick short story, and considering how good the story is, the movie has potential.

Just to hijack the thread with a real answer …

According to sources, Spielberg’s next movie should be “AI”; the project that Stanley Kubrick had long been rumored to be working on and which was uncompleted at his death.

Spielberg’s next flick will indeed be A.I., starring Jude Law, Frances O’Connor (Mansfield Park), and Haley Joel Osment (Sixth Sense). It’s based on a treatment he and Kubrick worked up off and on for the last twenty years, after their schedules crossed on a British stage (Kubrick was finishing The Shining, Spielberg was coming in with Raiders).

Minority Report had tons of script problems, and kept getting pushed back. At the moment, it’s slated for next spring, but that could change. After that, Spielberg is also supposed to get to Memoirs of a Geisha and Lindbergh, but I wouldn’t bet the bank on either of these ever getting made by him.

He was supposed to do Harry Potter, but he wanted to cast Osment, and J.K. Rowlings, the original author, was dead-set on having a British kid as the lead, so Spielberg ankled in favor of A.I.

Roger Ebert’s “Great Movies” column (available at http://www.suntimes.com/ebert) has a discussion of Spielberg’s treatment of Nazis, specifically with regard to Raiders. Quite interesting reading.

As far as an “ultimate movie,” I’m excited to see what Sam Raimi will do with Spider-Man. Beyond that, I dunno. I wish some studio would buy my script The Code and give it to Stephen Frears, or my Colony and give it to Jerry Bruckheimer, or… :wink:

Sure it is. Three years ago, to be exact. I wasn’t really aiming for pedantic accuracy.

I’m sure Spielberg’s next movie will have potential, but I’m just talking about what movie you’d want to see, not what he’s actually working on. That’s why this is in MPSIMS, not GQ… don’t take it too seriously! :slight_smile:

To continue the trend of hijacking this thread and taking it to Cuba, here’s a movie I wish they’d made:

Alien Vs Predator.

And the reason is this - imagine a 2 hour action movie with no humans, no recognisable language (no subtitles), and where neither sides of the conflict are obviously the ‘good guys’ or the ‘bad guys’. Where the audience sees both viewpoints of the battles, and chooses for themselves who to root for.

Imagine the film-making challenge in that, and what a kick-ass movie it could be!

That’s my dream movie, anyway (I’m not a huge fan of either series, didn’t read the comics, and haven’t played the game - this is just the film-maker side of me speaking)

Hm. Coulda sworn that Spielberg was supposed to be working on a huge ($200 million budget) epic about Pearl Harbor. Anyone know what’s up with that plan?

Max, the Pearl Harbor project is being done by Michael Bay (Armageddon, The Rock), and stars Ben Affleck and Cuba Gooding, among others.

Spielberg and Tom Hanks are developing a WWII miniseries for, I believe, HBO.

As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter what his next project will be, as long as Spielberg directs it will be good. I am one of his oldest fans. I even loved the movies he made that no one else saw like; 1941 and Empire of the Sun.