What move, on the drawing board or in production, will be the Next Big Thing?

Are there any movies, currently either on the drawing board, in pre-production, in production, in post-production, or on the shelf, that are going to going to take the box office by storm?

Any Lord of the Rings-type epic masterpieces in the works? (I’ve heard that Disney has greenlighted Chronicles of Narnia, but I don’t anticipate LotR-type grandiosity from that series. I may be wrong, though.)

Any Passion of the Christ-like pet projects that are going to raise eyebrows and bring hordes to the theaters?

Any Blair Witch Project-like low-budget movies that are going to find an audience and make 10,000 times their original investment?

In short, what’s coming to the theaters before the next 12-16 months are up that’s going to blow me away?

Can I get a moderator to change the title to “What movie…”, please. :smack:

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Everything except the actors is CGI, in a realistic/cartoon style. And it has Giant Flying Robots invading New York City in the late 1930s.

I think Alexander has some potential.

They’re making a sequel to Dungeons and Dragons!

Okay, that’s not likely to set the cinema world on fire. I do expect Firefly to do very well, hopefully well enough to inspire either a new series or a string of movies; if you think that’s not significant, consider Star Trek

I have high hopes for Fantastic Four, X3, The Hobbit, and Elektra, but I don’t expect them to set the world on edge. Or on fire.

Has The Hobbit been grennlighted? :eek: Last I heard, it was tied up in legal wrangling with the Tolkien estate.

I agree on the Firefly Movie (Serenity). I’m also really looking forward to Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Wererabbit and the next Pixar film the Incredibles.

I had high hopes for the Fantastic Four, but I’ve heard some really bad stuff about what they’re doing with it. I hope the rumors turn out to be wrong because it could be a kick-ass movie if they know how to handle the characters.


Hey, I said “high hopes.” Not “I’m looking forward to seeing it when it opens next month.” That would be silly.

Have not yet read the books but I’m looking forward to seeing LEMONY SNICKET’S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS.

I have very low aspirations for “next big thing”. I.e., the following are some soon to be released movies that I hope do a lot better than they probably will. In fact, most will probably be limited releases. Sigh. All data is from Box Office Prophets.

Bright Young Things. 8/20. Released a long time ago in the UK but well received.

Bush’s Brain. 8/27. Hey, if F 9/11 can bring in $115M, why can’t this do well too?

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence. 9/17. But if you didn’t see the original…

Shaun of the Dead. 9/24. Although I suspect most US folks who would like this movie have already seen it. (It also came out in the UK some time ago.)

Closer. 12/24. Good play, cast (mostly) and director.

But I’m not expecting much from Synergy. 12/29.

This one is fried gold.

This movie is going flop so bad. It only appeals to nerds.

If The Incredibles doesn’t do boffo box office (Pixar! Brad Bird! Super-heroes! Suburbanite jokes!), you might as well signal the start of the Apocalypse.

And a sympathy vote for The Transformers, just because. :smiley:

That new “Batman” movie with Christian Bale. That’s probably a given, though.

I don’t have very high expectations however I am looking forward to the final installment of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith .

And I am also very excited about Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong .

And I want to see Terry Gilliam’s Brother’s Grimm and Indiana Jones 4 .

I’d also like to see what Steven Speilberg is working on, and like to know if James Cameron will ever do another big budget film.
And how about Scorsese, Ridley Scott, or Paul Verhoven?

Transformers has the potential to have us all going “Nooooooo!!!” in a couple of years’ time. Which is what most 'big thing’s seem to do around here.

And after that, Cars.

Judging from Shrek 2, the ultimate Next Big Thing will be Shrek 3.

Since it hasn’t played in the US yet–how? :confused:

Chris Cunningham has been in supposed talks to do William Gibson’s “Neuromancer” for years, and someone’s just greenlighted “Watchmen” (which should be terrible, but could be great).

Well I guess I’m a nerd, because I’m eagerly awaiting this one. The Sky Captain trailers look like Hollywood people tapped into the “cool stuff” portion of my brain, because the movie looks like a perfect representation of everything I consider cool. If it has a battle with ninjas, a hot dominatrix, and either cats or ferrets doing something funny, it might be the greatest movie of all time.