Spiking up the front of my hair without gel.

Well my parents only take me to get a haircut every 6 weeks and my hair looks so boring and retarded.

Someone on Yahoo suggested spiking up the front of my hair. However my parents won’t let me use gel or anything with chemicals in it. If I was to use any substance, it would have to be organic.

I honestly think this guy gave a good suggestion because not only will it make my hair less boring, but also give me a little extra height.

So any tips on how to do it?

Blood. It’s organic and will make you very interesting.

Watch There’s Something About Mary. It covers this topic.

I think they solved this in Something About Mary.

Ben Stiller has an idea.

OrGANic, did you say?

Tell them that water is a chemical and that if they’re going to ban all chemicals in their house then they’d better get busy dying of dehydration.

Then when they decide they only mean certain chemicals, ask them to give a hard definition because when everything is a chemical it’s hard to tell which ones are acceptable under their standards.

After they round on you for being a smartass, go ahead and use whatever the heck you want in your hair already, because you should be old enough to be making your own decisions about your appearance.

As a non smartass response of my own, I remember the mohawk folks would use thinned water-soluble elmer’s glue (white school glue). I’m sure that counts as a “chemical” to your nitwit parents though.

You get your haircut every month and a half? Are you sure you have any hair to spike? Anyway, don’t do it, spiked hair looks stupid on everyone.

You can add food coloring to it if you have light hair for a nicely rebellious look that washes out in the shower.

Egg white. http://www.ehow.com/how_5687801_spike-hair-egg-white.html

My hair grows extremely fast and I still get told to get a haircut on Yahoo after posting a picture taken 3 weeks after my last haircut.

Have you Googled “organic hair gel”? There are tons of products out there. Ask them to take you to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and I’m sure you’ll find something to use.

Oh yeah. You’re right. I am so dumb. I could have just googled that shit.

Sorry for wasting your time.

Beaten on the egg white.

May I ask what y’all use for soap/shampoo?

Also, you can make this. It’s beeswax + olive oil + coconut oil. I used to use (non-homemade) hair wax when I had short hair, it’s pretty nice.

Are your parents aware that the entire world (including the human body) is made up of chemicals?

It’s not the chemicals that are so worrysom, it’s the toxins.

Anderson Cooper is currently wearing his hair this way. He has like an inch of buzzcut all over and then a very small two inch bit in the front. It’s not really a good look for him. He looks like an aged Tintin, only with less of his lovely silver coloring. He’s like a less ambitious Alfafa.

Anyway. I suggest shaving your head and getting a friend to draw jaguar spots on your skull with henna - like this guy from Ink Master. It’s just henna! It’s all natural! No chemicals*! It’ll all grow out in six weeks but it will give your parents something to worry about for a while.

  • Yeah, I know.

Completely serious: a tiny dollop of vaseline and your parents won’t even know you’re using it for hair gel. You can tell them it’s strictly for masturbation.

Yeah, because putting toxins on already dead hair cells is so…not going to do anything at all. :slight_smile:

Wait now I am getting negative responses from Yahoo…that I shouldn’t do it. You guys get the last call. Should I spike the front of my hair based on my picture?

Keep in mind, I look uglier now than I do in that picture (taken last week) for some reason.

I use a light amount of Vaseline.