Spitefucking Ann Coulter

I saw a video a while back of Ann Coulter talking about how Canada is lucky that we let them live here on North America.

I knew then and there that I wanted to spite fuck her more than anyone, like 100 times more than Martha Stewart. I would love to get out all my latent sexual aggression on Ann Coulter, to have her available as my plaything to exorcise every last mysoginistic whim that I have in my twisted little heart.

She’s the perfect spitefuck candidate. She is super fucking hot, and utterly detestable as a human being and I bet she’d be into it.

Now for anyone that is hypocritically mad at me for having anger at the opposite sex, I apologize right now, but I think that even the most ardent feminist can agree, at least in the secret recesses of her subconcious, that I’d be doing the world a favor by releasing some latent sexual aggression that would then not be perpetrated on lovely ladies who don’t deserve it, even when it’s only in a passive aggressive sort of way. Imagine how much the world would heal if I released it on the internet so that I could create a gestalt where many men could vicariously spite fuck Ann Coulter and be satisfied. Imagine how much nicer they would then be to their wives, girlfriends, sisters and mothers. I might even spark a utopia. You know, now that I think about it, I’d probably be canonized for it. Rainbows would start popping up spontaneously all across the globe, as countries started to declare ‘MsWas spitefucking Ann Coulter day’ as an international holiday.

American Liberals, Islamic Fundamentalists, and France would all be able to set aside their differences in remembrance of that historic occasion, and celebrate global unity as they drop their sexual mores for the greater good.


I realize you’re being tongue-in-cheek, and I definitely have no love for Coulter, but I have to say, I’ve always been baffled by the notion of a “spitefuck” (or “grudge fuck”, as I’ve more commonly heard it). I don’t understand having sex with someone to express your hatred for them - it’s the complete opposite of the reason I have sex. Seems to border on rape, inasmuch as violence is the main reason for the act. I mean, I assume if you were to grudge fuck someone, you’d make out a bit first. How do you kiss somebody with hatred (with the exception of Michael Corleone to Freido in The Godfather Part II)? What I’m trying to say is: the whole concept sounds psychotic to me. Then again, as much as I’ve heard the term “grudge fuck”, I don’t know anybody who’s actually claimed to have done it.

If I got into an argument with Coulter (which I would if I met her) I’d probably end up spitting on her. That delivers the same message without being manipulative/misogynistic.

This sounds disturbingly like some sort of rape fantasy.

I can never understand why the left gets so worked up over her and others. When I encounter people like that who are opposite of my political spectrum I just shrug it off with a though “wow, they are really wrongheaded about things” and feel sort of bad for them. After that I don’t really think about them at all outside of a vague sense of goo0dwill that they might see their error and get set straight some day.

Other times I seek out such people. I read their opinions far more than I do of those who agree with me because such people, right or wrong, see things from a far different perspective than me. It becomes an intellectual challenge to understand them, and to hopefully be able to cogently understand and explain why they are wrong.

Please don’t. That would only lower you farther than you believe her to be.

Nah, I doubt I’d ever really spit on anybody on purpose. But as a physical expression of hate, much better than a grudge fuck. Especially since the other party has the opportunity to retaliate in kind.

Does anybody else ever get the feeling that Coulter was the type of girl who was the first to raise her shirt at frat parties just to get attention? I swear, better than half of what comes out of that woman’s mouth has no other purpose than simply to incite furor and rouse the rabble. Wther she actually believes her own press, I don’t know, but she’s so off the wall it’s hard to see even hardcore conservativees really taking her seriously. The doe-eyed “What, did I say something?” look on the front of her books just adds to the whole cognative dissonance that one must affect in order to read or listen to her without cracking up.

That being said, no, I wouldn’t “spitefuck” her. You don’t know where that’s been, man. Stick with the free-love hippy chicks; they’re a lot more fun.


Knowing a lot of free love hippy chicks, I am FAR more concerned about where they’ve been.

As for the idea behind the spitefuck it has more to do with the fact that I find her strangely attractive sexually, while intellectually I find her to be repulsive.

As for being a lefty wingnut, I am most certainly not, I hate San Francisco as much as I hate Ann Coulter!

And yes, I do think she was probably the first to lift her shirt at frat parties.

I’ve always been attracted to smarmy bitches, and the best sex I’ve had has been with smarmy bitches. So Ann Coulter is a smarmy bitch, and is rather detestable. I don’t believe she actually cares that much about what she says, and just likes to incite people, she’s a pop star in a way.

So it’s like a Britney Spears fantasy that is in keeping with Ann Coulter’s ouvre.



Ok, your post was over the top enough that I wasn’t as creeped out as I might be. But still…

As a masochistic, submissive, generally kinky person I am not unfamilar with the male conflation (in my experience, not that girls can’t do it too) of sex and aggression. Aware of it? I’ve reveled in it :). But the specific connection of sex and hostility to another person…ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

quiet slave! Before you raise my…uhh…ire. :smiley:


Hmmmm…sorry, but I have no interest in raising ire (etc.) of someone who’s Sadism is bourne of actual misogyny. Beyond that, no way am I taking sloppy seconds from Ann Coulter :stuck_out_tongue: .

I’m very creeped out here.

I know just what you mean, mswas. I used to feel exactly the same way about Strom Thurmond.

mswas, you are a fucking idiot. And that’s a fact.
Anyway, American Liberals, Islamic Fundamentalists, and France don’t have any differences.

We clearly have different criteria for hotness. I wouldn’t want to touch that with your dick…

:: Tries to suppress the laughter so his office-mates don’t notice ::

I can never understand why the right makes stupid overgeneralizations. :wink:

Sounds like you have issues, pal. Your whole post is basically that you want to rape her and that she would want to be raped. In fact, your post reads like an entry from the journals the juvenile sex offenders with whom I worked were required to keep.

Sheesh. He wrote a slightly creepy but plainly tongue-in-cheek OP. It’s not like he’s seriously advocating rape, and he even acknowledged that it was immoral. You’d think he’d posted about something really sick, like drowning feral cats.

Canada is lucky to live here on North America next to the US. Our military protects them free of charge and their economy benefits from being near enough to us to be such a close trading partner.

You want to rape me too, mswas?

You people are a bunch of crybabies! Never thought I’d see this on the Dope. Where are all the people that were only just whining that the Pit had gotten too mild? I thought it was an excellent and amusing post *and * I’m female *and * I can understand the OP’s desire, although I probably couldn’t pick Ann Coulter out of a crowd (until she opened her mouth).