Ann Coulter's jaw wired shut


OK, she does most of her work through a keyboard, but still! Karma! :smiley:

About damn time.

The question I have: How’d she do it?

As a person who had her jaw broken and wired shut after a car accident, I feel for her.

Well, yea, but you’re much nicer than she is.

An early Christmas present for leftists everywhere.


I could recommend a good blender with a real nifty puree setting if she likes…

Doesn’t matter. The poison will just leach out through her pores instead.

Will it blend?

Although I can’t recommend that she be blended.

Performing fellatio on Satan.

I bet conservatives are happier about it.

I guess she purchased The Muzzler 2008.

Trying to eat a rabbit whole in the fashion of her kind.

Sorry, all. I curb stomped her last night, but I thought it was just a dream.

I bet she’ll think twice before making a crack to Michelle Obama about that nomination night dress again.

Why not?

So her jaw’s wired shot, she can still talk out her ass.

Stolen from Craig Ferguson.

Does Coulter feel pain like a human, or does she just ape our reactions?

And have you seen a recent pic of her? She’s not even trying to look like us anymore. I wonder if the jaw just came down too low as she tried to swallow too much of the gazelle at once.



Thank you!!!