Spitting on the ground

This thread reminded me of one of the most disgusting (to me) habits around - spitting on the sidewalk.

I’m putting this in the Pit because I truly think this is a vile habit, but I’d also like to hear from people who do this.

Now I’m not talking about people who have to regularly for some medical reason. Nor am I talking about people who considerately bend down really low and spit off to the side. This is usually for some reason, as well.

No, I’m talking about guys who, from head height, spit on the ground. In the middle of the pavement. Yesterday I saw someone old enough to know better spit right in the middle of a pair of sliding doors at the grocery store.

Come, on why the fuck do you do this? Were you raised in a barn? Do you not know this is disgusting? Do you think it’s cool to the chicks? Because I would never date a routine ground-spitter.

And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a female do this. Only guys. Guys who don’t do this, do you find it as disgusting as I do?


I have no idea why people do this.

Where should they spit?

WorldEater, you were raised in a barn? What was it like?

I confess.

I’m female. I’ve done it, not often, but occasionally after exercising. I find it disgusting, too, but if fluid builds up in my throat, I’m going to expel, rather than choke or be uncomfortable. A quick Googling convinces me I either have asthma or heart failure, so I’m going to stop searching for a justification and simply apologize for my ogreishness.

No one is ever going to flirt with me again! :frowning:

In the gutter, in the dirt, or not at all. People who habitually spit where people walk are among the most vile, despicable, and disgusting people I can think of.

See, I’m not asking you people to stop spitting.

Just get off the goddamn sidewalk! WHY do you have to spit where i have to put my shoe?

There is always

trash cans

Wherever you go.

Rysler, where are you spitting? Right in the middle of the sidewalk? Cause, yes, that’s disgusting beyond belief.

Normally, it doesn’t bother me all that much. What I hate is when people who dip or chew tobacco (around a third of the population around here) do it. When people who dip or chew spit, it’s usually a few tablespoons worth. It splashes all down the sidewalk. Fucking nasty. A few drops I can handle, but when you can damn near slip and fall in it…

You know, I have no idea what I was responding to. :smack:

No barn raising for me, and I don’t spit either.

I always aim for the dirt or a trash can. What’s the difference between the sidewalk and the dirt, though? I mean, huge enough to go from “acceptable” to “vile”? I think you’re being a tad hysterical.

Honestly, you step on water and bacteria and ants and germs and all manner of things on the sidewalk. The blankets in hotels are coated with semen, for crying out loud. I’m not excusing the behavior, but perhaps you should just frown disparagingly at the offender and move on with your life.

If you’re truly wading through a sea of phlegm, that’s one thing, but some guy hocking near you, while annoying and rude, is not going to ruin the world. For me, the annoyance is really in the sound. That’s a vile sound, expelling. Yuck. The result? Eh.

Unless it’s a black river of regurgitated juices, of course, as Leonard has suggested.

Rysler: * […] some guy hocking near you, while annoying and rude, is not going to ruin the world. *

Very, very few Pit rants are provoked by something that is actually going to ruin the world. “Annoying and rude” is usually considered quite sufficient to justify a Pitting.

Having said that, I have to confess to being another female who sometimes does a ptooie after hard exercise. (But only if nobody’s near, and always in the gutter or away from where people step, and if possible I just “hold it” till I get inside to the bathroom. Please don’t hate me.)

Found an interesting article, “Great Expectorations”, about the decline of the accepted custom of public spitting and the possible role played by health and legal authorities anxious to restrict the spread of tuberculosis. Do you think that perhaps now that tuberculosis isn’t a significant health hazard in the US, public spitting is making a comeback of sorts? Ick.

I’ll up you one, Elenia28. How about the guys who hock up a warm, juicy oyster right on the basketball court, with predictable results? I’ve seen it and felt it happen.

You know neuroman, you bastard, it’s 4:10 PM where I am. I don’t know where you are, but it’s almost time for dinner here. Yuck.

And Rysler: I don’t think spitting on the ground is going to ruin the world. However, I do think a lack of common courtesy will, and this is an example of total disregard for the person behind you.
The difference between the dirt and the sidewalk? Isn’t it obvious? I’m walking on the sidewalk, and it will soak into the dirt. It won’t soak into the sidewalk. It will just sit there, until it evaporates or freezes.

Do you approve of people spitting their gum out on sidewalks? If not, then this isn’t really that drastically different. It’s rude and crude.

I spit if I have excessive sinus drainage. Usually after I’ve been sick or, for some reason, sometimes having just drank a soda. I don’t mind seeing people spit unless it’s tobacco juice. I do mind listening to hocking, which is why I try to keep my hocking confined to the bathroom.

Forgot to mention, when I do spit I always aim for where people don’t usually walk.

I’m going to get shot someday, because whenever someone does this, no matter how big and threatening he looks, I automatically turn to him and hiss, “pig!

I can’t help it, it’s a reflex action.

People should wad their gum up in paper and toss it away carefully. People should not chew gum in public. Especially not if they’re soccer players (Because I’m terrified of them choking!). That being said, I probably wouldn’t notice where they spit it. I’m also rather revolted by people eating outside of an appropriate setting, because it’s gross and designates a lack of self-control. I just tend to look away, though, and move on.

Kimstu, true enough. I revoke my petulant response.

For some reason, spitting in the gutter seems a little icky. Gutters are dirty!

Eve, is the appropriate response to “pig!” to giggle apologetically? Because that’s what I just did.

You know what? I’ve been thinking about this, and the people who have posted in this thread saying the problem.

The problem is the guy who’s swaggering down the street. His pants are down to his ankles. He’s grabbing his crotch. His whole attire screams attitude, attitude.

And then suddenly, “HAAWWK PTOOEY!”

Right in my fucking path.

I’m would take a leaf from Eve’s book but with my young face I don’t think any of these guys would take me seriously. Grrrr.

Spitting in the gutter seems icky? Because the gutter is dirty? Well, the road is clean, so it’s perfectly OK to spit there and make it dirty.

I truly do NOT understand this philosophy. And I don’t have any trouble with people chewing their gum in public, just what they do with it after. Are you seriously suggesting gum-chewing should be confined to the home?

I also have to say; people can eat wherever they want. It designates a lack of self-control? How about, it shows that the person probably didn’t have time to eat in the proper setting, and is trying to nourish their body anyway they can. Again, I don’t have a problem as long as they’re not throwing their stuff on the floor afterward.

The road is clean? Since when? Cleaner than the gutter, yes, but cleaner than spit? Probably not. Spit is basically water. Stepping in water with a nicely-soled shoe does not make anyone’s foot rot off. Not that spitting on the sidewalk is okay. But are you seriously suggesting spit should be confined to the areas you designate? I don’t go around cruading against people for eating or chewing gum, it just aggrivates, or in some cases, worries me. I feel no need for a change in culture, simply because I’m commenting on it.

You and I have different personal preferences about what our environment should look like. We both have biological speculation on our side. When the downfall of civilization comes, we’ll know who’s right.