Splitting a large avi file?

Does anyone know a way i could simply cut a portion of an avi without re-encoding it?

And yes i have tried virtualdub,but the file crashes it everytime i try:(

AVI is not a single file format but, rather, a container format that can be made up of several different audio and video codecs. If you don’t have the proper codecs installed on your machine, then VirtualDub will choke on it.

First, download GSpot which will identify the codecs used in your AVI file. Download and install the proper codecs and then try running VirtualDub again.

If VirtualDub still crashes, you might have a corrupted AVI file. If it’s a DIVX codec, you can try running DivFix and see if that helps.

If you still have problems, then I’m out of ideas. You can find an incredible amount of useful information about video editing at [url=http://www.doom9.org/]Doom9.

Good Luck!