Spock keepin' it real, Middle Earth style!


I’ve long suspected that the '60s were, in fact, incredibly lame.

Looks like the evidence is mounting.

i’ve never seen the real video for this.
The Horror. The Horror.

That’s nothing.

You. Haven’t. Lived. Until you’ve. HEARD! William. Shatner. Sing? ROCKET MAN!

Wow. People sure did a lot of drugs back then.

I love the ballad of bilbo! It makes me laugh every time I see it!

What a great clip! :slight_smile:

I found some background on the newsgroups:

:head explodes:

Seeing that video (yes, I watched it again) made me wish for a Vulcan 2nd eyelid that would automatically close in order to prevent any harm to me from watching it. Temporary blindness would be a small price to pay.

Of course then I would also have super-sensitive Vulcan hearing, the better to hear the song with.

Nimoy got all the chicks.