Spoil Batman No Mans Land for me

So I was caught at the beach with nothing to read and I picked up a relatives
Batmans No man’s Land by Greg Rucka

And I liked it but the book left several questions unanswered. Obviously there will be spoilers here

The Earthquake and the Plague that put Gotham in this predicament were never explained in the book. Were they in the Comics?

The book kinda ends when Lex is shooed away by Batman - did he just drop it and kind of slink off in the comics?

Does Gotham fully recover? The book ends with the army in Gotham and alot of hope.

I kinda got why Batman took so long to come back - but were there better reasons in the comics

Does Bane stay a (fairly) good guy?

Was the Huntress ever brought back or was she dead for keeps?


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