Spoil Garden State for me

I went to see Garden State with some friends this evening. I was skeptical about seeing it, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. During Andrew’s talk with his dad, when his dad was lying in bed and they started discussing forgiveness, the fricken’ sound cut out. While we have rain checks, we have no idea what was said between then and the opening scene in the airport. Can anyone give me the gist of it?

I really can’t remember how much of the movie that is so I will only say what happened in the two scenes mentioned and hope those’re the only ones you missed out on.

The bedroom scene: Largeman confronts his father about keeping him medicated for sixteen years and his dad tells him that he did it so that he could get better and so that the family can be happy again. He also says something to the effect of “I also didn’t want you to feel bad for what you did”.

Largeman then gets annoyed and tells his father that he is okay with what he did and that if anyone is to blame for what happened, it is the person who designed the lock on the dishwasher. He was only ten and he didn’t know what he was doing. He forgives himself and he forgives his father. He just hopes his dad can do the same.
The Airport scene: Largeman tells Sam that he has to go to LA to live his life… that he’s afraid that if he doesn’t go and try to make something of himself, that the self-discovery he’s made won’t mean anything in the end. Sam, of course, continues to beg him to stay but he goes to the plane, intent to leave.

Moments later, he finds her crying in a telephone booth and tells her that he was stupid and that the whole speech he gave was a bunch of hot air, that he wants to stay, that he loves Sam, and that he wants to be with her, where he feels safe.

He then asks her what do we do from here and neither has an answer.

Cue credits.

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What, no one-liners about how the Garden State is already despoiled? :wink: