Spoiler Box Font Size Issues?

Just testing this out…Because for some odd reason, it seems that the font size is being boosted up in spoiler boxes.

Huh…yup, that’s the case. Odd. Let’s try something here…

Let’s see if I can manually force it down to size.

Wierd…I first set it to a font size of 2 (standard size) and it was still large. But when I set it to 1, it went to normal, not to the usual size 1 tiny font. It seems that font size is being boosted one point in spoiler boxes.

Hmm…I wonder: “This should be in size 1 font”.

Hmm, no that is not size one. Let’s see:

Size 1 Font
Size 2 Font
Size 3 Font
Size 4 Font
Size 5 Font
Size 6 Font

Huh. All of those are off by one point. Strange.

Oh, for the love of…

Never mind. I just realized that I had inadvertently changed my browser’s font size setting. :smack:

Hal, you already know you have to be really careful about leaving your computer logged on. Why’d you let a chuckle head near your PC again?


Looking a bit sheepish there, Hal. :slight_smile:

Yes, I know it’s old. I’ve been away for 18 months and only just got caught up. Needed to get this one out of my system.