Spoiler (?) DC Comic's "Fables" for me

I read the first couple issues of this series, then, due to financial reasons, had to put it aside. I recently read the graphic novels with the Men in Black and their flying-on-bed leader attacking the fables, and the one that followed, which seemed sad to me (The scene with Snow’s seventh child? Completely heart-rending).

So, how out of date am I on the series if I want to pick it up again?

And… (the big spoiler question) has The Adversary been ‘unmasked’ yet?

The graphic novels, IIRC, can be read in any order (much like the Sandman) graphic novels. Once you get the basic concept, there’s no real linear continuity between books. I read the second one (“Legends in Exile”, if I’m not mistaken) before the first one (no idea what it was called; it was about Rose Red faking her death.)

Not too much out of date.
I think since you’ve read it we’ve had some back story on Bigby showing his WWII exploits.

Apart from that the only main thing that’s happened is that Boy Blue is off with his magic cape to the fable lands in order to hunt down the adversary.

We have no idea who the adversary is yet.
Pretty sure you’d be ok picking up the last couple of issues and starting from there.

Although the story does have flashbacks and stories not pertinent to the main plot there is a continuity running through it all, so it may confuse/spoil to read out of order.

You also missed Jack’s exploits in Hollywood, which may get revisited later.

Ah yes

Jack has been ostracised from the Fable community for going to Hollywood and being a producer. He used his knowledge of Fables to create a trilogy of high grossing movies. No doubt he will return at some point later, angry that they abandoned him and took all his profits from the movies!

I think there was a narration note that he was never seen again. I suppose that could be ignored, of course.

OK, specifically, it says [spoiler]“But Jack was never seen on Fabletown again, unto the very end of days.”

“Which isn’t to say he didn’t have many more adventures.”[/spoiler]