[spoiler]The All Spoiler Thread[/spoiler]

[spoiler]That’s right, the all spoiler thread. has this been done before? Who’s going to goof it up first? or who’s going to show me that it’s already been done? (I didn’t check, as I hate to take the pleasure away from those who get so much entertainment out of showing their searching skills. Just enclose everything in between (spoiler) (/spoiler) tags, except with , not ().

So, feel free to unfasten your seatbelts and talk amongst yourselves.[/spoiler]

Would be hell to read.

A sequential, bolded first letter, alphabetical, spoiler only thread. That should be fun

[spoiler]Yes. Yes it will. Which pretty much makes it more mundane and pointless. I suppose since this is a spoiler thread, I could add a spoiler.

The Crying Game: The chick’s a dude![/spoiler]

This thread will really annoy the mods and will probably be closed

[spoiler]Well, this might not be a good idea. Check out Arnold Winkelried’s post in the “FAQ - guidelines for posting at the SDMB” in ATMB. He gave us a warning about this stuff.

But anyway, why can’t we put any text after the colon after spoiler?

South Park spoilerI just watched the first two South Parks. It was a real hoot to see Cartman called Kenny AND getting killed. Heh heh heh heh.[/spoiler]

But I can always say it was good while it lasted. It may annoy the mods, but if I’m not breaking any rules, would they really close it? :frowning: Hey, look. Smileys are spoiler proof!





Cool! I guess anything that isn’t standard black type will show up here. That makes sense, if you think about it.


Until it does. Let’s run with it![/spoiler]


I agree! Thanks for the support. Oh, and samarm, you must get it after all. [/spoiler]

It’s full of stars. Or possibly made of people. One of those.

[spoiler]The butler did it.

He was on Earth the whole time.

Then they have to shoot him.

It was the sled.

It was her twin sister, not her.

It was Scrappy Doo the whole time.

Mrs. Peacock, in the Study, with the Lead Pipe.[/spoiler]

Does this count?

[spoiler]Frodo Lives!

(Sorry, someone had to do it.)

Although I’ve never been sure whether that’s a spoiler or a slogan …[/spoiler]

What’s black and grey and red all over?
This thread. Ba-dum-ching!
Silver on black does not look as cool as I hoped it would.

Well, this is certainly irritating. Folks, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should I’m locing this thread because I’m not spending the time required to highlight all these posts, so I can read 'em.