Enough with the spoiler boxes!

Look, people. The thread title says spoilers. It literally says “spoilers.” Then, the first post is entirely placed in the black spoiler box. And so is the next post. And the one after that. I can take that-- some people aren’t too observant. Maybe they won’t notice the spoiler warning in the thread title. And maybe they’ll enter the thread and then somehow scroll down and see something they’ll wish they hadn’t.

But Jesus Christ, people, for the love of God, don’t keep putting shit in spoiler boxes when your post is #49 on the first page! If people don’t want to be spoiled, they’ll know to get out of the thread REALLY QUICKLY after coming in! Give them some credit, and spare all the people who waited to come into the thread until after they’d seen the show/movie/book!

I am so sick of having to highlight every goddamned thing.

                                              Here, piss off.

[spolier]making the goddamn obvious joke right off the bat so we can all get it out of the way[/spoiler]

I agree. I have this habit of just randomly highlighting things on the screen while I’m surfing and I can’t do that with spoiler boxes because when I highlight something else, I can’t read what you’ve written!

Thought I’d add that I just now saw The Gaspode’s comment:

So I guess there’s sort of a reason for it, but shit.

Gee it might be because of this:


I thought the posters were either being polite, or trying not to spoil the fun for posters in different time zones. Also the spoiler box thing got a little out of hand in the linked to Angel thread, but there were major events in the episode that it would have sucked to have spoiled. Same thing happens in the Buffy threads every week as well.

BTW, its not the number of the post, but the time. Seeing the request from the Mod in the linked stinky thread is clear, I think the posters in the linked thread did nothing wrong.

Thank you, come again.

It might have worked if (i) you were first and (ii) you coded it correctly. Instead you do not get to pass GO and you do not collect $200. So sorry, but be sure to check out the consolation prizes on your way out the back door :slight_smile:

I still think if it says “spoilers” you should expect spoilers. One or two of those things is all right if it is at a time when it’s obvious most of the world has not yet seen the show/movie, but jeezum crow! Those things get annoying fast!

I understand that, elf6c. I read that when Euty first posted it. And I never claimed that the posters did anything wrong; what I claimed was that they’d done something really fucking annoying. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t go into a thread that says “spoiler” right in the title (a very helpful recommendation from the sticky thread by Euty). Or, if you choose to go into such a thread, I think it’s reasonable to assume that after the first three or so posts filled with spoiler boxes, that there’s information in this thread you might want to avoid seeing for a whole 24 hours or so.

So by all means, continue putting “spoiler” in the thread title, and continue putting sensitive stuff in spoiler boxes in the first few posts. All I ask is that posters be a little judicious about a) going into threads that will clearly contain spoilers, and b) using those damned boxes when your post will land in the last two thirds of the thread page. That’s all.

yeah yeah yeah. I just hate when people go “preview is my friend…preview is my friend.” We KNOW you screwed up.

I was just going to wallow in my misery. Thank you so much for bringing up such a painful subject. While you’re at it, why don’t you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it? We’re closed!

I think the OP of those eps handles it nicely. I just want to see what he thinks of the episode, not what it was about. I avoid spoilers myself, but there is good non-spoiler content to be had without it…

After the ep airs though, open season.

This is why I don’t like spoiler boxes in threads about shows that are clearly marked “spoiler”:

People often don’t differentiate between “spoilers from the episode that just aired and that this thread is about” and “spoilers from a web site about next week’s episode.” Since I can’t be sure, I never check in those boxes and have to miss out on whatever discussion goes on in those boxes.

My proposal is that the ettiquitte should be like this:

If the thread is labeled “Show X, Episode Y, Date, SPOILER”, then everything is that episode is fair game. If it’s not on in your time zone yet, don’t open the damn thread. If you want to have “so, what’s going to happen on such-and-such a show” thread, that needs to be it’s own thread. It seems to me that if you don’t have enough self contol to leave the thread labeled “spoler!” alone, you’re just gonna highlight that spoiler box.

However, if within that spoiler thread you want to impart information about future episodes, THAT needs to go in a spoiler box, one labeled “Information about future episodes”.

Obviously, this is just one way for it to be, and ettiquitte in new media is something that just has to shake itself out over time. In ten years procedures for this sort of thing will be as hammered out.

Would you settle for lime? I don’t have any lemon handy.

You forgot “Season Z.”


I have to agree with erislover here.
:eek: :smiley:

The thing about Angel in particular is that some people see it on Tuesday (Canadian channels like The New VR), some people catch it on Wednesday (WB I think), and others aren’t able to see it until Thursday (Space channel). This makes the “once the ep has aired” qualifier a little tricky to interpret. So I err on the side of caution. Cause not everyone is a spoiler crackwhore like me.

My thought on seeing this thread title:

Yeah, that’ll work :rolleyes: :smiley:

It’s weird to see those little guys floating in a sea of black.

EXACTLY! I used to get messed up all the time when the time slot was the other way around and Angel aired in the U.S. before it aired in Canada.

Besides that, there are different levels of “spoil.”

I read a newspaper article that had general future episode information and I think of it as “common knowledge.” In fact, posts in threads indicated that it is NOT “common knoweldge” for a lot of people. Just those who read that particular (widely distributed) article.

I see spoilers all the time that I never expected to see even with “spoiler” in the thread title.

Personally, spoiler boxes annoy me, but with Euty’s sticky, I’ve been sticking to them as a courtesy until it is very clear that no one will see something they wish they hadn’t.

In the “24” threads, people use them to discuss the previews. Some people don’t watch the previews for the next week’s show and some people do, and out of courtesy for the truly spoiler-free, if we want to talk about something we saw in the previews, we use the spoiler boxes.

It’s not such a big deal.

What’s the big deal? Just CTRL+Click in the Spoiler box. Takes all of one second. I’d rather have the box than not have the box.