The thread where we talk about Buffy spoilers without using black boxes

Based on recent discussion in this week’s Buffy discussion thread, I thought we could use a place to talk about upcoming eps without going through all of that extra coding rigamarole.

So, I just went and read Spoiler Slayer, which I admit is not the be all and end all of spoiler sites, and I’m not seeing much that’s going to blow my mind or anything? I guess we were right in guessing that The Evil That Dwells in the Basement is the First Evil, but I’m getting kind of a “so what?” vibe off of that news. We’ve already dealt with the evil. No big. Think they can kill it with snow flurries again?

Post your big spoilers here! Discuss them! Do not fear the yowling protests of the unspoiled, for this is the one thread where they may not go! :slight_smile:

Ok, I’m still trying to deal with the spoilers of Spike getting beat by the SG in ep 9 when it seems that Buffy knows that Morphy (the First) is guilty in ep 8, not Spike.

Look, I’m a masochist. I must be, because I keep coming back and saying “Thank you sir, may I have another?” I even read “torture Spike” fanfic. However, I honestly don’t know how I can handle seeing the Heroes beat somebody who is essentially innocent. How am I supposed to respect them in the morning? Of course, I am rather bitter at this point, so I’m trying to stay positive…I really, really am. but I’m worried.

pepperlandgirl, I think you need to come to terms with the fact that Buffy and the Scooby Gang are not all good and righteous. Especially after the pummeling Buffy gave Spike in “Dead Things”. Xander in particular has a very deep mean streak, and Spike seems to bear the brunt of it- he seems to fall into the “acceptable target” category. So, if the “brutal third degree” spoiler proves to be right, I’d be willing to bet that Xander is the one doing most of the brutalizing.

I was worried that, after the three-year struggle toward redemption Spike has undergone, then getting his soul back, the Peroxided One would turn evil again, especially after seeing spoilers to the effect that he was eating people again. But since I saw the spoiler that reveals that he was, I’m going to use the word posessed, but that’s really not quite the term, by The First Evil, and not acting of his own free will, I’ve breathed my deep sigh of relief.

If B & SG are going to try beating information out of him, knowing this, that’s their bad. Hopefully by the episode, they will see the error of their ways and repent, and put ice on Spike’s bruises, and maybe Willow will bake cookies for him. But, painful as such a scene may be to watch, I’m not going to get all gloomy over a single incident. Now, if future episodes reveal that they’re making a habit of this sort of thing, then I might get a little upset, but once the closing credits roll, I’ll say my prayers and go to bed, and it won’t ruin my following day. Besides, spoilers have been known to be inaccurate, so it may turn out that the “brutal third degree” is nothing more than a severe gang tongue-lashing.

I’m really anxious to see Giles again. I want to see his reaction to learning that Spike has a soul. I mean, old roommates and all. Remember back in S3, I forget which episode, but it was before the population at large learned Angel was back from Hell, he gave Buffy the speech about there being two kinds of monsters- the kind that can’t be redeemed, and the kind that can be, because they want to. Can’t remember the exact words, and I’m too lazy just this moment to go to Buffyworld and look it up, but here’s a chance for him to see a monster that truly wants to be redeemed. Actually, I hope a snippet of that speech makes it into a “previously on” segment, maybe in episode 11 or so…

The issue of what it means to be all soul-having needs to be explored- it’s been touched on in “Beneath You” and “Him” but ME hasn’t taken it to any depth. Yo, Noxon, grab your pen… Some Giles/Spike interaction, maybe over a few pints of Guinness (just 'cause I like Guinness and think it should be written into the show somehow) would be the perfect way to bring some of the practical, as well as philosophical implications of soul-havingness to light.

And, hey, either of you two seen any Clem-related spoilers? I miss that snack-food appreciating demon.