Spoiler within a spoiler

Can a spoiler box be put inside of a spoiler box?

[spoiler]Let me try…

“I must leave this planet, if only for an hour.” – Antoine de St. Exupéry











[spoiler] But why don’t

:confused: these :confused:

get blacked out? :confused: [/spoiler]

My guess is that because they are .gifs and not text. In order for them to be blacked out, there would have to be a “black square” .gif and the software would have to be able to substitute it in place of the smileys. But then when you highlighted the text, you’d just have black squares and you wouldn’t be able to see the smileys.

i never noticed this before, but when you preview the thread (by placing your pointer over the thread title) you preview the spoiler also. i don’t think that’s a good thing

The spoiler system is far from perfect. :wink:

Or some such.

Interesting, Squink. Not enough caffeine yet to think about how you did it. So how’d you do it?

Looks like spoilers withing quotes within spoilers within… you get the picture.

I’ve tried to hide what’s in a spoiler
by changing the text color
but nothing really seems to work.
either the text is prominent
or the highlight bar turns a different color
they thought of everything.

a tricky spoiler is the following (drag over the space below).

this line is hidden using my settings. but if your settings are different it’s probably like the invisible guy in “Mystery Men”.

I am not trying to bump this thread…

I am just trying to learn how to do spoilers. and i guess i might as well learn how to do two as well.

Incidentally, the mods frown on the use of this sort of masking. The mods need to be able to read everything in a thread, and hidden messages of this sort make that job harder.

Talk to me like I am an idiot. Shouldn’t be too big a stretch. How do you do spoiler boxes? Just one would be fine.

[spoiler]wait a minute is this it?[spoiler]

damn it let me reread that sticky

Almost had it, Loach. You got the opening tag right, but the closing tag has a slash in it, [/spoiler].


A good way to learn what others are doing to get their results is to click[spoiler] ‘reply’

in a specific message. Do NOT use ‘post reply’ at the end of the thread:)
Not only does that automatically enter the text from the message you want to reply to in ‘QUOTE’ format:D
but you can also see formatting code as it is entered.

Hope I’m not talking to you like an idiot.[/spoiler]