Sponge Bob

Complete genious!:wink:

“Absorbent and yellow and porous is he!”

I like it.


He’s still fun and wacky, but I do get tired of the reruns.

And I’m still bitter at Nickelodeon for cancelling Invader Zim, the finest of all cartoons.

Nautical nonsense happens to be something I wish, so I do enjoy the Monday afternoon marathons.

Aye, aye Captain!

He’s wonderfully wacky. It’s one show I enjoy watching the repeats of-he’s always funny and never gets old.

His happy-go-lucky lifestyle is a great one. And how many other sponges can say they got an Emmy nomination this year?

I think they’re all going to be reruns until after the movie comes out.

No show has ever done a better Valentines day special.

[Devil’s Advocate Hat ON]

Sponge Bob is stupid. I never did understand the appeal of this irritating little fellow.

[Devil’s Advocate Hat OFF]

SpongeBob movie? Oh, Lord help us…

I recently saw Spencer Tracy in Inherit the Wind, and the one line that stuck out for me in the Brady courtroom scene was Tracy asking, “What does a sponge think?” I completely expected to hear SpongeBob laughing in the background.

I love using my language enhancers.
I’m actually more of a fan of Patrick.

Make that “sentence enhancers.” I see it’s going to be a long day ahead.

A SpongeBob movie? Say it ain’t so!

I like the little guy but I’m getting a wee bit tired of the reruns, too.

Yes. Steve Hillenberg, the sponge’s creator, has decided to take a little break from the show…to get him prepped for the big screen.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Now, what kind of a question IS that, anyway?

As a rider of public transportation, Glove World was my favorite episode! Followed by Squidward’s move to the all-squid community, though I really haven’t seen all that much of the porous one.

I watched about 3 minutes of a Sponge Bob show before deciding it probably causes brain damage. What happened to the days of Nick showing good cartoons? I pine for Rocko’s Modern Life…

I love Spongebob! My favorite had to have been when Squidward starts his own marching band and Spongebob breaks into a monster ballad at the end. Sheer hilarity!

I really want that “Captain” painting from the intro! I don’t know if it’s a real painting or not, though.

Sponge Bob Rules!

My favorite is " The Night of the Hash Slinging Slasher" when the Krusty Krabb is going to be open 24 hours and Sponge Bob says,
“It’ll just be like a slumber party, only we’re all greasy!”

My favorite one was when Sponge Bob and Patrick were trying to sell chocolate bars.