Spontaneous human combustion?

I have read the stories about human bodies burin,and agree that there is nothing mystyerious about the phenomenon. basically, the body burns because the fat layer (under the skin0 melt, and the clothing acts like a candle wick. what i don’t uncertand; why doesn’t the fire spread? in many of these cases, the body is reduced to a pile of ashes and bones, yet often, the chairs and furniture do not catch fire. Why is this? And why is it that accident victim’s bodies do not burn in the same way? i’ve seen lots of pictures of car accidents, and the bodies will char, but not burn 9as they do in the SHC cases).

There’s a lot to bne suspicious about Spontaneous Human Combustion. Even though it shows up in works by Charles Dickens, and even Jules Verne, and has a lot of anecdotal suppport, examined cases don’t stand up to scrutiny well:




Here’s Cecil’s take on the subject.